Creative Freedom with Pallets and Paint


Thrifty reclaimed textured PALLET WOOD is all the rage. Projects range from simple to divine. Here are some projects from our American Paint Company retailers Jennifer Wilkins from in Newburyport, MA shared this creative coffee table – built with old pallet wood – they used old thick porch posts for the legs. Painted in {Read More…}

Ombre Away with APC

Ombre Dresser

Here is a great idea from The Paint Locker in NC. Thank you for sharing this wonderful dresser. This is a fun way to take any ugly piece and have some fun with it. The bottom drawer is straight Nana’s cupboard, with two tablespoons of Navajo white added after painting each drawer. The body of {Read More…}

Painting With All Natural Chalk and Clay Paint

Picture 1

At American Paint Company, we offer over 40 beautiful colors to complete your next painting project.  Here’s a sampling of what our paintriots transformed this week: Farmhouse Inspired in Wisconsin painted this hutch using Voyage and Home Plate. Simple Matters in Texas painted this secretary using Cannonball and Navajo White. Refined and Designed in California {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #19


American Paint Company offers a beautiful chalk and clay, all natural paint and our paintriots create beauty using it to transform old furniture.  Look and see what they’ve done this week! Painted Past Designs in New Jersey painted this dresser using Cannonball, Purple Mountain Majesty and finished with Black Mica in Clear Wax. Deep Creek {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #18


It’s a beautiful week to transform furniture using American Paint Company’s all natural chalk and clay based paints.  Check out what our paintriots have done this week! Picadilly Bob’s in Washington painted this dresser using Smoke Signal, Peacock, Top Coat and Dark Glaze. Trent River Designs in North Carolina perked up this lamp with a {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #17


The all natural chalk and clay paints from American Paint Company help our paintriots create beautiful projects!  Look what they’ve done this week: All Things New Again in Virginia painted this chest of drawers with our nation’s flag using Navajo White, Fireworks Red and Born on the 4th and finished with Top Coat. Sweet Pickins {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #16


The power to create is a strong one and our paintriots are transforming furniture with our all natural chalk and clay based paints!  Look what they have done now: Altar’d Market in Texas painted this dresser with a custom mix of Coral Reef and Cameo. The custom colors continue with Ivy Lane in Massachusetts mixing {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #15


Spring has sprung and the paintriots are busy creating beautiful treasures to ‘feather your nest’.  Look what beauties have been painted this week! The Painted Dragonfly in Tennessee painted this bed using Voyage and stenciled in Home Plate. Altar’d Market in Texas painted this desk using Treasure Box and Liberty. Junque in My Trunk in {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #14


What can chalk and clay paint do, you ask?  Easily transform your piece!  Check out what our paintriots did using American Paint Company’s chalk and clay all natural paint! The Painted Dragonfly in Tennessee painted this desk and chair using Momma’s Lipstick. Midwest Cottage and Finds in Illinois painted this dresser with Peacock and finished {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #13


Time to be inspired and pick up that paint brush!  Our paintriots are always busy transforming pieces with American Paint Company’s amazing chalk and clay paint, showing you how easy and beautiful it is to use this all natural paint. Let’s get this party started with a dresser decoupaged and painted with Freedom Road, Plymouth {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #12

Picture 2

Our paintriots are busy creating beautiful finishes using American Paint Company chalk and clay paint!  Look at what has been transformed this week: Distressed Nest in Florida made this custom shelf for a client and finished it with Dollar Bill and stain for the top shelf. Lock & Key Treasures in Ontario, Canada painted this {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #11


It’s been a beautiful week for our paintriots.  Look at the amazing pretties they have created! Yesterdays & Today in Virginia painted this dresser using Home Plate , Voyage and finished in Dark Wax. Houston Faux seen at Frou Frou Galore in Texas painted this vanity using Treasure Box, Home Plate, and finished in Dark {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #10


Feeling creative?  Need inspiration?  These should get you going. Collage in North Carolina painted this china cabinet with Home Plate and Beach Glass. Distressed Nest Boutique in Florida painted these wedding blocks using Home Plate over stained wood. My Sweet Holly in Michigan painted this dresser and mirror with Smoke Signal and finished in Top {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #9


The winter weather in most places has not slowed our paintriots down!  They are busy painting indoors, if needed, safely using our natural chalk and clay based paints!  Here’s what they have created this week. Vintage Charm Restored in Texas  painted this buffet with a custom mix created with Surfboard, Home Plate, Rushmore and Home {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #8

Picture 2

Welcome to another week of fabulous painted items using American Paint Company all natural paints!  Check it out: Simple Matters at Junk Street Market in Texas painted this hutch using Peacock and finished in Black Glaze. Upcycled Vintage Charm in Ohio painted this dresser using Rushmore and finished in Top Coat.  Junque in My Trunk {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #7

Picture 7

Well, it’s been another great week of beautiful projects finished by our paintriots.  Here’s some inspiration to LOVE on Valentine’s Day: Salvaged Decor in Michigan painted this hutch using Heaven’s Light (retired), Gun Powder (limited edition) and finished in Clear Wax with Pewter Mica. The Old Store in Oklahoma finished this oak office chair with {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #5


One of the best features of our natural chalk and clay paint is being able to work indoors safely!  Brrrr, it’s cold everywhere!  Stay warm and check out what the paintriots did this week! Restyled Vintage Designs in Indiana painted this dresser using Freedom Road and Plymouth Rock. 4 Quarters Timeless Vintage in Missouri painted {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #3


It’s a wonderful time to rethink your interiors and the paintriots can show you just how easy and beautiful using our chalk/clay/mineral paint can be!  Get inspired: Junque  in My Trunk in Kansas painted this china cabinet with Peacock over Voyage (both from the Ellis Collection), Coral Reef and Beach Glass. The inside was painted {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #2

Picture 2

It’s been a cold week for most of the country, but the paintriots continue to safely paint indoors using our eco-friendly, all natural paint and finishes.  Since most of us are dreaming of warmer temperatures, let’s start with the pieces that look like they are ready for spring and summer!  Remember, if you like what {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #1 – 2014


The holiday festivities are behind us and the paintriots are busy as ever.  Look what beautiful items have been transformed this week using American Paint Company’s chalk, clay and mineral based paint! The Old Store in Oklahoma painted this curio cabinet with Momma’s Lipstick. Distressed Nest Boutique in Florida painted this carved desk using Wild {Read More…}