With American Paint Company Products Farm Tables are Farm Fresh

With American Paint Company Products Farm Tables are Farm Fresh

With American Paint Company Products Farm Tables are Farm Fresh I wasn’t “Born in a Barn” so I don’t want to really eat and drink on one, SO I use the American Paint Companies fabulous paints to recreate and replicate the real thing. Lead free, no pesticide residue or other animal un-thinkables like real barn wood. Clean {Read More…}

Repainting a Table, Chairs & Seat Cushions

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Repainting a Table, Chairs & Seat Cushions Tracy Anderson from  Kiwi Acres Farm shows us her transformation by repainting a table, chairs & seat cushions. Repainting a Table, Chairs & Seat Cushions The amazing lines of this table and chairs wouldn’t let them pass it by. With a quick sand of the top to level out some deep {Read More…}

The Best of American Paint Company – Top 5 Blog Posts

Best of APC

The Best of American Paint Company – Top 5 Blog Posts Over the past few years American Paint Company has published hundreds of posts about ‘How To Tutorials’, project ideas, our products, and the retailers who proudly carry the Clay/Chalk/Mineral paints in their store. Here’s the ‘Best Of American Paint Company’s posts. The Best of American {Read More…}

Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You

Twila End Table 2

Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You Creativity is not a competition, we should be inspired by other’s projects to learn & improve or just give us inspiration on our own projects. We hope you will like Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You. We are inspired & hope you are to. {Read More…}

Creative Freedom with Pallets and Paint


Thrifty reclaimed textured PALLET WOOD is all the rage. Projects range from simple to divine. Here are some projects from our American Paint Company retailers Jennifer Wilkins from www.ivylaneshop.com in Newburyport, MA shared this creative coffee table – built with old pallet wood – they used old thick porch posts for the legs. Painted in {Read More…}

Quilted inspiration!

Completed cabinet!

Using a quilt for color inspiration is a perfect way to choose colors that complement your decor and living space, and an American Paint Company fan did just that!  Terra-Lee Meijer, created a wonderful color coordinated cupboard to go with a much loved quilt in complementary colors! I found an old piece at a garage sale, and fell {Read More…}

Fast Verdigris using American Paint Company products!

Verdigris A verdigris patina usually takes time, a very long time, and its distinctly bluish-green encrustations are formed on copper or brass by oxidation from exposure to water and atmospheric elements over time.  It is not a quick and easy process, unless of course, you are The Painted Dragonfly in Nolansville, TN!  A beautiful nature inspired {Read More…}

How about a little Oomph!

table 9-2015

Diamonds, Stripes and Swarovski crystals! Gabrielle Pennington owner of, Oomph!, is getting ready to launch her new retail store in the Bradenton/Sarasota, FL, area and she shares her beautiful hand painted unique coffee table with the American Paint Company community! The table belonged to the customer.  It is solid wood and well crafted. They had it for years but {Read More…}

Cindarella’s Attic Vintage Furniture

Stenciled pieces

Cindarella’s Attic Vintage Furniture Twenty-five plus years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom of two. Although I was blessed to spend that special time with my kids, one income didn’t really leave much money for home decorating. By trial and error, I was able to reStyle my entire home, including the furniture. I can still {Read More…}

From garage sale to gorgeous!

20150714_170148 #4

Dutchie M. Design This sideboard I picked up on my way home from the American Paint Company retailer training we had in Pincher Creek with the wonderful people of Funked Up, my American Paint Company distributors. I think all of you have the same problem as me.  I cannot come straight home.  Somehow my van {Read More…}

Rustic Ranch Log Furniture LTD!

Completed Sand Table!

Last fall we moved out of the home we had lived in for 15 years, and we kept the house and did some renos before listing it for sale. When the kitchen sink came out I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, so I tucked it away for a project this spring. {Read More…}

Larkspur Interiors!


Denise and I are lifelong friends who started Larkspur interiors in 2011 although we’ve been painting furniture for much longer than that. We both live on Larkspur Circle hence the name of our business. We share a passion for antiques thrifting, auctions yard sales and painting furniture. In 2014 we opened our first brick-and-mortar. Before {Read More…}

Who, What, Where – Feather & Nest!


Feather & Nest Feather & Nest @ Antique Mall 1386 Wears Valley Road Pigeon Forge, TN Deborah King of Feather & Nest I have always had a love for design paired with a desire to create beautiful things and spaces.  I had already been painting furniture and accessories for my own home when I discovered {Read More…}

Simply Beautiful Spaces – Who What & Where

Simply Beautiful Spaces

Simply Beautiful Spaces! How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou This Memorial Day we’ve chosen to honor our veterans past and present and their legacy, by sharing a special tribute to a very special retailer, Kathryn “Kate” Koch, owner of  Simply Beautiful Spaces, Stafford, Virginia.  Kate is {Read More…}

What have you painted today? Featuring Shag Carpet!

Larkspur Interiors buffet

Shag Carpet – American Home Collection! Our retailers have been busy this week and they are ready to inspire you to use Shag Carpet from the American Home Collection! Why do we love Shag Carpet?  Orange is between red and yellow on the spectrum of light, and we feel cheerful and optimistic surrounded in shades {Read More…}

What have you painted today? Featuring Chenille Bedspread!

Effie's Salvage Barn - Chenille Bedspread

Chenille Bedspread – American Home Collection! Our retailers have been busy painting and are ready to inspire you to use Chenille Bedspread, from the American Home Collection!  Chenille Bedspread, a grayish violet color, is an easy color to love especially if you like purple! Chenille Bedspread Fabulous Finishes Studio – Chenille Bedspread Retailer Patty Henning owner {Read More…}

What have you painted today? Featuring A-maize-ing!

A-maize-ing jpg close-up

Our talented creative retailers have been busy painting with A-maize-ing – a rich sunny yellow color.  Nika Hipster of Unika Custom Creations, in Middletown, DE , shows us how to can change a piece of furniture that isn’t working with your decor into something that fits perfectly with what you love.  Nika, used A-maize-ing for the {Read More…}

What have you painted today? Featuring Blue Jeans!

Blue Jeans

What have you painted today? Our American Paint Company retailers will feature one color a week to inspire your creativity and we encourage you to get out there and paint something! Have fun with paint! Don’t be afraid to use paint to uplift and engage, create a mood in your home or work environment and why {Read More…}

Stunning Antique Black Bow Front Highboy – Take Two!

Shizzle 2

Stunning Antique Black Bow Front Highboy – Take Two! by Shizzle Design LLC Several years ago, I purchased a beautiful antique bow front mahogany highboy. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to paint it so I set it aside for a while until I came up with an idea. I took it to Not So {Read More…}

Can’t Reupholster? Paint Your Fabric!


Recently, Painted Dragonfly owner Lorna Soble found herself with a broken left hand and a chair she’d planned to reupholster. Refusing to postpone the makeover, she decided to try her one good hand at fabric painting. Having heard about others’ success using American Paint Company Clay/Chalk/Mineral Paint to convert fabric, she now had a great {Read More…}