An Overview of APC’s All Natural Sealers

An Overview of APC’s All Natural Sealers Are you wondering which American Paint Company sealer will work best for your furniture painting project? In this post, you’ll discover the three different types of All-Natural sealers offered by American Paint Company to help you protect your furniture and give it a nice professional finish.  But not only will you {Read More…}

2016 – Our Year to Shine!

What Does American Paint Company and the New Year have in common? The Answer is Sparkle  and Shine!!   Everywhere we look, whether it be Facebook, TV, or the Newspaper, wishes for the New Year are filled with Glitter and Sparkle. At American Paint Company, we are proud to introduce our New Metallix line of paints! That’s right {Read More…}

Bold and Beautiful!

Bold and Beautiful! Beautiful bold and exciting hues of color just waiting for that special piece of furniture.  Colors that empower and uplift you, they are the Bold and Beautiful collection! What is your favorite color? Pick up a brush and a can of your favorite Bold and Beautiful paint, be brave and let your {Read More…}

Announcing The Bold and Beautiful Collection!

Bold and Beautiful! We are excited to announce the Bold and Beautiful collection, a limited edition of nine new colors waiting for your creativity!  Unafraid, determined and enduring colors: Purple Rain, Sea Foam, Grassy Lake, Soulful, Espresso, Persimmon, Starry Night, Vixen and Wedgewood! This is the Bold and Beautiful collection – a collection of colors {Read More…}

Using Mica Powder to Enhance the Beautiful Color

  Using Mica Powder to Enhance the Beautiful Color Thank you Monica for this great easy to do DIY idea, in her words here is how Using Mica Powder to Enhance the Beautiful Color in a DIY knock off inspired look. I love wandering in Restoration Hardware oohing and awwing over all the gorgeous pieces of {Read More…}

American Paint Company – Two New Colors!

Drumroll please….introducing ‘Uncle Sam’ a bright white.  Uncle Sam will join the family of shades of white and stand along side Navajo White (a soft white) and Home Plate (a creamy off white). The other new hue is none other than a blue!  ‘Born on the 4th’ is a gorgeous midnight navy blue.  I’m thinking all the {Read More…}

American Paint Company – 30 Colors until tomorrow…

Thirty.  What a nice number.  Wait, but thirty-two has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Some for me and more for you, colors numbered at thirty-two!  Yes, that does have a snappy ring to it.  Well then, looks like a little addition is in order!  So for today, here are the 30 colors of {Read More…}

Retail Opportunity – Calling All Paintriots

We want you! Ever has been the call to Americans for many reasons, and once again the charge is issued. We want you to sell an amazing, all natural paint! We want you to build your business with a wonderful product that can offer a unique dimension to your retail location. We want you to {Read More…}

Chalk, Clay and Mineral Based Paint – Only the best for you!

We are excited to share this amazing paint with everyone. Made from natural chalks, clays and minerals, this paint is the ultimate for the DIYer out there! There are 30 wonderful colors and several amazing finishes to complete your painting project. The waxes come in four colors; clear, and dark, white and black. There is {Read More…}

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