Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You

Twila End Table 2

Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You Creativity is not a competition, we should be inspired by other’s projects to learn & improve or just give us inspiration on our own projects. We hope you will like Five American Paint Company Projects that will Inspire You. We are inspired & hope you are to. {Read More…}

Learn How To Repaint Your Furniture and Decor!


It’s workshop season, and American Paint Company retailers are hosting beginner classes at locations all across the U.S. and Canada! Do you want to learn how to repaint your furniture and home decor using an Eco-Friendly Clay, Chalk and Mineral paint? APC Beginner Workshops In our APC 101 Workshops, you’ll get the confidence you need {Read More…}

How to Prep Your Piece Using APC’s Organic Cleaner

APC Cleaner

While in most cases you don’t need to do any sanding, priming or prep work before repainting your old furniture, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a clean surface prior to painting with APC. Even if your piece appears to be clean, older furniture has a lot of dust, grime and grease {Read More…}

Creative Freedom with Pallets and Paint


Thrifty reclaimed textured PALLET WOOD is all the rage. Projects range from simple to divine. Here are some projects from our American Paint Company retailers Jennifer Wilkins from in Newburyport, MA shared this creative coffee table – built with old pallet wood – they used old thick porch posts for the legs. Painted in {Read More…}

Fast Verdigris using American Paint Company products!

Verdigris A verdigris patina usually takes time, a very long time, and its distinctly bluish-green encrustations are formed on copper or brass by oxidation from exposure to water and atmospheric elements over time.  It is not a quick and easy process, unless of course, you are The Painted Dragonfly in Nolansville, TN!  A beautiful nature inspired {Read More…}

Classic Finish Tutorial

Photo from

Classic Finish Tutorial! American Paint Company offers an all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. Our Clay/Chalk/Mineral based paints are made from the highest quality products available and we are passionate about our products.  Our paint and finishes give you the products you need for, creative freedom as you restore, rejuvenate and reimagine your {Read More…}

Can’t Reupholster? Paint Your Fabric!


Recently, Painted Dragonfly owner Lorna Soble found herself with a broken left hand and a chair she’d planned to reupholster. Refusing to postpone the makeover, she decided to try her one good hand at fabric painting. Having heard about others’ success using American Paint Company Clay/Chalk/Mineral Paint to convert fabric, she now had a great {Read More…}

You can create a custom painted floor!


  Double-Take Decor Furniture Paint Studio in Hamilton, Montana was interested in carrying an all natural, no VOC, earth friendly paint they would feel good about using and recommending to their customers.  They chose American Paint Company because is was safe and easy to use and they loved the wide palette of colors to choose from. {Read More…}

How to use American Paint Company Glazes to Create a Wood Stain Look


How to use American Paint Company Glazes to Create a Wood Stain Look Karen from Bay Avenue Antiques in Barnegat, NJ shares a great tutorial on how to use American Paint Company glazes to create a stained look on wood. American Paint Company glazes can be used to create a beautiful aged look on painted {Read More…}

All things new again!


Hello, 2015! This seems like a good time to complete all of those half-finished projects I started waaaaaay back in 2014. If you have been to our shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA, in the past six months or so … you may have seen me working on this lampshade. That stencil—with its {Read More…}

Ombre Away with APC

Ombre Dresser

Here is a great idea from The Paint Locker in NC. Thank you for sharing this wonderful dresser. This is a fun way to take any ugly piece and have some fun with it. The bottom drawer is straight Nana’s cupboard, with two tablespoons of Navajo white added after painting each drawer. The body of {Read More…}

How to Crackle Using American Paint Company and Glue

Picture 14

We’ll get to the blah-blah-blah on how I painted this vintage red buffet in a minute, but for now let’s go straight to the “after” pictures. Here it is! I (FINALLY) love this buffet. This buffet didn’t turn out as I originally planned when a weird seam mark appeared where two pieces of wood were {Read More…}

Creating a Copper Penny Look

Picture 2

Find a table, pick it up, [Give it a beautiful copper penny makeover with American Paint Company products] All day long, have good luck! * * * I lit up when I found this vintage smoking stand on a recent weekend getaway. The ashtray on top was long gone, but that’s OK since I don’t smoke {Read More…}

Using Paint Instead of Stain

Picture 4

This dresser was a mess when we brought it home, and had more damage than any other piece I’ve tackled before. It’s hard to believe when you view the “Before” photo but you’ll just have to trust me on this one! The top was way past re-staining, with tons of patch work everywhere, so I {Read More…}

Repairing Damaged Furniture – Tip Tuesday

Repairing Damaged Furniture

American Paint Company retailers are an  incredibly talented group of artists.  This tip/tutorial from Chris Hardine of Midwest Cottage and Finds will walk you through duplicating a missing trim piece.  Visit our “Find a Retailer” tab to locate a retailer near you. I picked up this beauty at a local Goodwill store. If you look {Read More…}

Buffing Hand Painted Furniture


Buffing Hand Painted Furniture This is a quick tip on Buffing Hand Painted Furniture. A brown paper bag or brown paper bag is a wonderful ‘secret weapon’ for buffing your hand painted furniture. Once you have painted and finished your piece, with either American Paint Company Vintage Antiquing Wax or Top Coat product.  Allow 2 to {Read More…}

How To Fix Bleed Through when Chalk Painting Furniture

Picture 3

How To Fix Bleed Through when Chalk Painting Furniture Kate K. from Virginia gives us a walk through on How To Fix Bleed Through when Chalk Painting Furniture. This is her story. I had this piece sitting around for a long while, waiting for both time and inspiration to come.  It was an old piece and {Read More…}

Restoring a Wood Finish with Dark Wax

Our wax with natural pigments added to create an antique look

We were invited to a pre-garage sale which is something Sheree and I can never turn down. As we walked up the driveway, an old library desk immediately caught our eyes. The poor thing was covered in an old tattered faux leather material and had stacks of old Christmas ornaments on top of it. We {Read More…}

Stenciling with Plaster – A Little Table

Picture 16

This past week I finished this little side table, here it is shown before, in my version of  this year’s Pantone color – Radiant Orchid. I mixed these 2 American Paint Company colors; BORDELLO SHINING SEAS to get to my purple #1  (deli container on right) and these 2 American Paint Company colors; FIREWORKS RED {Read More…}

This n’ That Thursday – What To Do When it Bleeds

Picture 53

So you find a piece of furniture with good “bones” and great detail, the perfect piece for painting. You choose a color and begin painting, but as the paint dries, you notice these awful spots bleeding through your paint!! What do you do? Do you try another coat of paint, and another, and another, hoping {Read More…}