Colors of American Paint Company Chalk and Clay Paint

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Our weekend was nothing but sunshine and baseball, mixed in with fresh cut grass, a few paint projects and some Easter planning.

A perfect weekend.

Today I’m sharing a fun display that I’m working on for my paint “studio” section in the store.

I have a lot of plans for the space that will take time to implement.  Some big projects and some little projects, but they all take time.

This is one of those little projects…


I have the American Paint Company products on the shelves in the store, but I wanted a fun way to display the samples of all the colors. I’ve seen display samples on sticks, paddles, etc.  but I thought wide chip brushes would be a great visual way to show everyone the spectacular palette the line offers.

It certainly took a little bit of time as there are 44 active colors available.


Aside from the time, it was obviously an easy task.

A stick of a label…

A dip of a brush…

AmericanPaintCompanyPaintColorswww.turnstylevogue.com2_.jpg American Paint Company Paint Colors - (2)

Here are some, but not all, of the colors…


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (3)


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (5)


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (7)


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (8)


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (11)


American Paint Company Paint Colors - (12)


American Paint Company Paint Colors -

All for my customers to have a hands-on visual of their color choices.

 American Paint Company Paint Colors - (13)

I haven’t decided on exactly how I’m going to display them yet, but I have narrowed it down to a few options.

Work. In. Progress. Always.

Post courtesy of Shari


  1. Great display! It’s fun, stylish and although it probably took hours to create, it’s interesting!

  2. Love this display idea!!

  3. Great shots Shari!

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