New Retailer Checklist

Welcome to the healthiest, cleanest paint in the world!  We are so happy to have you as a retailer for American Paint Company.  If you are awaiting your paint or if your paint has arrived, here is a checklist to go over to make sure you are ready to start selling and inspiring your customers!

1. Find a piece of furniture or shelving to use as a display.  If desired, paint your display with APC paint!  Remember, the paint is very heavy.  Make sure you have shelves in your display that can handle the weight of the paint cans.

2. Decide how you will display the painted colors offered in the line.  You may want to keep in mind ‘your brand’ for your business and choose something that matches your business.  In your store, you are selling APC as a product, but ultimately, selling YOU as the expert.  You will want to show the paint so you can help customers choose the shade that is best for their project.  Review ‘Display Ideas’ for some help from your fellow APC retailers.  Ideas may include; moulding pieces, paint brushes, frames, paint sticks, shutter slats, etc.  Be creative and have fun!

3. Begin to paint items to sell in your booth/store so customers can see how they look in person.  Use a variety of colors and finishes to inspire the consumer.

4. Do your APC homework!  Start at the website.  Read the FAQ page and require that your staff read it as well.  Many of the questions that you may have, the answers are found on the website, sometimes with pictures!  Read all of the Tutorials to familiarize yourself with different techniques.

5. Read all of the tips on the Retailer Login.  There are many ideas to help you get started selling paint.

6. All tips and Retailer Login pages have the ‘printer friendly’ capability.  You may want to print out the Tutorials and place in plastic sleeves in a binder for quick reference for your staff or customers.  If you would like a ‘Retailer Handbook’ to make notes in, print out all the Retailer Login pages too.  These will also be updated and added to over time as we grow as a company.

7. Get with your distributor and become ‘friends’ on Facebook.  That way they will be able to add you to the Facebook private support group rooms where you can share ideas with your fellow retailers.

8. If you plan to do workshops, review the Painting 101 class ideas on the Retailer Login and other helps related to giving classes.  This is where your study of the Tutorials section on the website will come in handy.  Plan a class that will best fit your customer base.  There are many ways classes can be done and there is no right or wrong way.  Just remember that you want to make sure that each student has success with the product and leaves inspired to ‘want more’.

9. Advertise on your Facebook page and other local areas that you are now carrying the paint.  Get people excited about it and share your enthusiasm!

10. Your distributor should have turned in your information to get you listed in the retailer section of the website.  Check the ‘Find a Retailer’ section to make sure you have been added and that the information is correct for customers to find you.

11. Logos are available for signage or advertising.  Make a sign to lead people to the product in your store.

12. As questions come to mind, check with your distributor directly.  They are there to help you and can be a great source of information.