Painting Furniture – A Lovely Curvy Desk

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If there is anything I love as much as painting a beautiful buffet it’s a curvy, sexy desk/vanity. I found this beauty on a local  swap meet facebook page. I wanted it. The photo shows that it has a bit of veneer damage, no problem! What a great piece to use with my new American Paint Company colors. Mine-300x224

Turns out, this booger had more peeling veneer than I thought. That’s what I get for buying out of a darkish storage locker but you know I would have bought it anyway! IMG_29981-225x300

 No problem, plastered this baby smooth and off we went. IMG_3047-300x225

 No agonizing over color this time. I knew I’d step out of my white/gray comfort zone. It was easy to do with the oh, so yummy American Paint Company color choices. The desk will be Beach Glass with a pop of Fireworks Red inside the drawers. When you open a drawer it will be like, “Whoa”! IMG_3090-300x225

 Yep, this is how I roll. Remember, with APC all natural paints, there is no brush dipping. The paint I’m working with is in the Solo cup.  I dip my brush in water as I go to avoid brush drag. That’s my dipping water in the snap top container. IMG_3084-300x225

I chose APC Dark Antiquing Wax to finish off the Beach Glass. It is the cleanest, healthiest wax on the market. I wax indoors without a respirator. IMG_30981-300x225

 No need for Clear Waxing first. It’s not greasy, doesn’t stain, doesn’t drag. It brushes on smooth as silk. IMG_30991-300x225

 This is the wax drying next to unwaxed drawers. See how it deepens the color? IMG_3107-300x225

 I use this handy drill brush to buff the wax. IMG_3108-225x300

 The Fireworks Red is so gorgeous I did the top finished in Clear Wax. I like the bright red, dark wax would have toned it down. IMG_3239-225x300

 Wait, let’s do the keyhole too! Look at the bling I found. Perfect match…I’m getting over excited now. IMG_3243-225x300

BAM Bold and Beautiful Beach Glass and Fireworks Red.

Post courtesy of Painted Past Designs

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  1. What did you use for the plaster that you refer to; that you corrected the pealing veneer with? Wouldnt’ dry wall plaster/mud or plaster of paris either flake off?

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