Painting Furniture with Pink Paint – Momma’s Lipstick

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Momma's Lipstick - Pink paint from American Paint Company

PINK!! PINK!! PINK!! I love pink! I love all shades of pink but especially vibrant, bright, bold and cheery pink. Momma’s Lipstick from American Paint Company is exactly that.  A strong vibrant pink.

Momma's Lipstick - Pink paint from American Paint Company

Momma’s Lipstick, don’t you love that name? I totally adore it. When describing it Jill coined the phrase, “as strong and fabulous as the momma who wore it.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Momma's Lipstick - Pink paint from American Paint Company

My family had the honor of remembering one of those strong and fabulous momma’s this past week. My Grandma passed away at the age of 95.

Momma's Lipstick - Pink paint from American Paint Company

The minister at her funeral described my grandparents generation as one of the greatest. They were dedicated to marriage, family and country, and fought hard to protect all three. They were indeed “strong and fabulous.” Especially the momma’s! My Grandma was a devoted wife, dedicated mother and loving grandmother. She devoted her entire life to family. I’m proud to be the grand daughter of such a “strong and fabulous” Grand Momma!

Pink roses

These roses were on her casket. A strong vibrant pink to represent a strong and fabulous woman. I love pink even more now!

Post courtesy of Chantelle Deimling from Bungalow 47

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  1. Love the sweet story about your Grandma… your pastors right about that generation, and your grandmother sounds like a lot of women who have become matriarchs of their families because of their strength and devotion to family. Your little night stand looks fabulous in Momma’s Lipstick! Tina

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