What have you painted today? Featuring Backyard Pond!

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American Home Collection

Backyard Pond!

Imagine a perfect day: blue skies, a gentle breeze, family and friends, laughter and thick slices of watermelon!

Backyard Pond is a good-natured medium blue that nudges our memories of a perfect day and it’s reminiscent of a crystal blue pond!

Backyard Pond

Our retailers have been busy painting with Backyard Pond, and we hope you are excited and inspired to try Backyard Pond!

Vivianne's Pantry -  Backyard Pond and Black Glaze
Vivianne’s Pantry – Backyard Pond and Black Glaze

Robin Leighton, owner of Vivianne’s Pantry, Wainwright, AB, used a typical shelf/coat rack for her project,  it was painted with Backyard Pond and black glaze was applied over top of the paint, this created depth and interest.  We love how she’s transformed this shelf/coat rack and it’s sure to be a special piece in any home!

All Things New Again - Backyard Pond and Home Plate
All Things New Again – Backyard Pond and Home Plate

Cathy Prebich, of All Things New Again, Leesburg, VA, shares an updated bench that has been given new life! The original upholstered fabric had an animal print design on it and Backyard Pond was used to paint the fabric, and the bench frame was painted with Backyard Pond and Home Plate and it was sealed with clear wax.  American Paint Company paint can be used for painting fabric too!

Linda Dohl - Backyard Pond
Poppy + Chalk – Backyard Pond

Linda Dohl - Backyard Pond 2 Linda Dohl - Backyard Pond 1

Linda Dohl owner of Poppy + Chalk, Culpepper, VA, shares a beautifully transformed vanity, mirror and chair set with us!  Linda used a stain for the vanity top and painted each of the pieces with Backyard Pond and she used both clear and dark wax for her finish. Backyard Pond is a perfect compliment to the paisley fabric she used to upholster the seat cushion and we love what she’s created!

Maria Dade - Backyard Pond 1

Youngest of Nine

Youngest of Nine – After

Maria Dade owner of, Youngest of Nine, Berlin, OH, shares a shadow box painted with Backyard Pond and finished with Top Coat.  The edges have been slightly distressed and it has just the right amount of jewelry!

Upcycled Vintage Charm

Upcycled Vintage Charm

This sweet chair has been stenciled and painted in Backyard Pond making it worthy of that special person and it was painted by Tee Woodall owner of, Upcycled Vintage Charm, Centerville, OH!

Mod Barn - Backyard Pond

Mod Barn – Backyard Pond

This display hutch was painted by Jessie Clayton, ModBarn Designs, Buda, TX, she used a light wash of Backyard Pond to paint her piece and we love how beautiful it is!

L Masteroni BP






Twigs and Twine – Backyard Pond

Lori Masteroni, Twigs and Twine, Lakewood, CO, shares a beveled mirror painted with Backyard Pond and a mix of APC paint colors. The mirror was painted to look like the waters from the Grand Cayman, and she used a dry brush technique to apply the paint and finished it with clear wax and APC Pewter Mica. It is stunning!

You can see more of our retailers painted pieces on Facebook and stop by and say hi if you’re in the area!

All photos courtesy of American Paint Company retailers


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