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We are Pam and Sheree from Refined and Designed
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Sometimes in your life things just fall into place the way they are supposed to. Sheree and I have always been the DIY type of girls. I had been renting booth space to sell my refinished pieces for quite a while, and it was always a desire to be able to have a business store front of my own. At that time, Sheree was looking for a new job and I approached her and asked her if she would be interested in opening a shop as partners. Before I could even finish my pitch, Sheree had me in the car driving around looking at rental properties for our shop!
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It will be a year in August since we joined forces and created Refined and Designed. We have so much to be thankful for.  The best part of our story is we are a family business. We are married to two brothers who are truly the backbone of our business. Sheree and I like to kid around with each other on who married the most handsome brother (of course, I did!)
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We set goals and a mission statement that we felt best describes the type of services we can offer to our customers. As far as goals,  one was to be able to have a paint line in our shop, and thanks to American Paint Company, we have achieved that goal.
Picture 17
As far as our mission statement, it had to be something we believed in. We came up with,  “If what you need is not already in our shop, we will find it, build it or create it.”
Picture 15
We feel so blessed by the support we have received and all the wonderful people who have crossed the threshold of our little shop and into our hearts!
Picture 16
Here are some items we have featured in our shop, transformed with American Paint Company all natural, chalk and clay paint:
Drawer fronts painted in Amber Waves of Grain, body of desk was painted in Rushmore.
Coffee Table painted in Home Plate.
Headboard painted in Home Plate.
Dresser painted in Navajo White.
Dresser painted in Beach Glass and Home Plate.
Dresser painted in Home Plate with a Wild Horses top.
Old Library table refreshed in Dark Wax.
Bed painted in Liberty and Navajo White.
Dresser painted in Lincoln’s Hat.
Cabinet painted in Home Plate.
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