APC Product List and Description


American Paint Company has introduced an all natural, non VOC, clay, chalk and mineral based paint in 30 vibrant colors.  An earth friendly and eco-sensitive product is what sets us apart from other companies.  Our paints are available in quart and 4 ounce sample sizes for your convenience.  We also have a 12 limited edition collection colors that are sold in pint and sample sizes.

Clear Wax

American Paint Company’s all natural, non VOC, plant based wax is available to finish, enhance and provide a sealer for your piece.

Dark Wax

American Paint Company’s all natural, non VOC, plant and fruit based dark wax is available to finish, enhance and provide an additional dimension to your piece.  The dark wax may be added after Clear Wax has been applied and/or before, dependent on the desired effect.

Top Coat

American Paint Company’s all natural liquid finish may be added alone or prior to waxing to provide a durable surface to your piece.  Top Coat may require additional coats, dependent on the desired outcome, however, is yet another option to finish your piece.

Hard Coat

American Paint Company’s Hard Coat provides an excellent hard finish, that is highly water resistance, very durable with satin sheen and a transparent top coat finish.


American Grit, a powder / dust substance, is designed to “antique” and add years to your piece in one easy step.  After waxing, apply the Grit with a soft brush in desired areas, let dry and then lightly buff.


Micas are all natural metallic powders designed to enhance your pieces by simply adding to APC Wax or Top Coat.  The micas come in tones of Gold, Silver, Copper, Black and Pewter.

Surface and Prep Cleaner

Our brush and surface cleaner is an eco-sensitive product that is essential in prepping your piece for paint.  It is super concentrated just a squirt or two in a spray bottle with water is needed.  Clean and rinse your piece and allow it to fully dry before applying paint.  Keep your brushes fresh and clean and lasting longer by using Brush and Surface Cleaner.


We offer three different colors of glaze: Clear, Brown and Black.  Glaze can be thinned with water, if water is added it must be used within 24 hours.

Our chalk/clay paint grabs glaze and can decrease the “open time” (time you have to work it before it dries). It’s best to Top Coat or Hard Coat before glazing. Apply the glaze with a brush and wipe it back with a wet link free cloth, work in sections keeping a wet edge.

Clear glaze can be tinted with paint creating a custom finish.



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