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American Paint Company Blog Post Template

You do not need to be a ‘blogger’ to submit a blog post for the website!  Anyone can write one, you just need an interesting topic or story to share.  Most people enjoy step by step photos or learning/seeing something different.  You do not need to be a ‘writer,’ we will help you.  Simply answer the questions below and submit with at least 5-6 pictures (not more than 10) and send in an email (content and photos can be sent within separate emails if desired) to

Tell us about your piece.  Where did you find it? Were you inspired by anything?  Did you re-purpose this piece?

How did you decide on the color/colors you wanted to use?  List colors and used.

What APC  products did you use for your piece?  Are there any tips for using the product that you find helpful?  Projects must contain primarily APC products.  You may use other products but they must be something that can be listed generically and not compete with any APC products such as; stain, a plaster product, a stencil, etc.  We do not mind mentioning a product by brand, if it is something that can be found at Home Depot or other big box store such as; a paint tool, wood filler, repair product, tissue paper, etc.

How did you apply the product?  List and show any step by step details needed. What tools are needed?  What prep work is needed?

Include process details such as; did you need to fix a mistake?  Did you try one thing and then end up using another?  Were items vintage or new?

Who was the piece made for?  Tell us a short story.

Why do you love APC products and how did they help you finish this project or solve this problem?

Please include your name, your business name, website link and Facebook page link.

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