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American Paint Company Blog Post Submission Form

You do not need to be a ‘blogger’ to submit a blog post for the website! Anyone can write one, you just need an interesting topic or story to share. Most people enjoy step by step photos or learning/seeing something different. You do not need to be a ‘writer’, we will help you. Simply answer the questions below and submit with at least 2 pictures and click ‘Submit’.

Once your submission has been approved, it will be uploaded to our APC blog!

New Blog Submission

  • Where did you find it? Were you inspired by anything? Did you re-purpose this piece?
  • How did you decide on the colour(s) you wanted to use?
  • Projects MUST contain primarily APC products. You many use other products but they must be something that can be listed generically and not compete with any APC products such as; stain, a plaster product, a stencil, etc We do not mind mentioning a product by brand, if it is something that can be found at Home Depot or other box stores such as; a paint tool, wood filler, repair product, tissue paper etc.
  • How did you apply the product? What tools are needed? What prep work is needed? Include process details such as; did you need to fix a mistake? Did you try one thing and then end up using another? Were the items vintage or new?
  • Who was the piece made for? Why do you love APC products and how did they help you finish this project or solve this problem?
  • We highly recommend water marking all of your pictures before posting them to any social media site.

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