DIY Furniture – A Coffee Table

As I was walking through my favorite store of things I can’t afford, I once again fell in love, it was a beautiful coffee table that I knew would look perfect in my home.  I admired then hesitantly looked at the price tag, yup, another piece I would never buy.  Then my loving husband, who has complete faith in me says, “why don’t you just make one?”  And that’s when it began. I decided on the measurements, decided on the material and went to work. 943174_463635023718906_1578293638_n

I turned the legs, screwed them together, ordered a piece of aluminum and voila, my big, beautiful, thrifty coffee table was done before I knew it. I knew exactly the finish I wanted, a weathered white.  I grabbed a cup and my APC Home Plate.  I mixed a cup of water and a tablespoon of Home plate, that’s it!! A tablespoon!!
I ended up adding another half cup of water so I didn’t run short in the middle of my project. I got to painting and was finished in 30 minutes. APC dries so fast it helps my need for instant gratification.
Once the table dried I finished it with APC Clear Wax.  I always scoop some out onto a paper plate so I don’t contaminate the rest in the container.
It took me a little while to get used to using wax, I would always use too much and the piece wouldn’t look right. Now, I put a small amount on my brush, dab it on the plate to take off excess and dap it on a cheese cloth and this gives me the perfect amount. This is where I stopped for the night.20130830_161452
The wax only needs to harden about an hour but it was great timing to get home and spend time with my family!
The next day I anxiously went to see my baby (table). I couldn’t get to buffing fast enough!20130830_165859 I used a brown paper bag to buff her, I like the dull shine it gives.20130830_165826
I stepped back and there she was…finished!  20130830_165917
An $800 table in my home for under $100, yes!!!
Post courtesy of Amanda

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