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  1. Haroldlind K. Fitzgerald says

    Thank you so much for posting your pictures! This give me inspirational to continue doing what I do! I too, transformed a vanity. 47 years ago, my husband had stopped at a mansion , in southern Mississippi. An elderly woman was getting rid of large and small pieces of furniture. He brought home a dainty hand made Victorian vanity. It had several layers of paint, chipped and really beat up. My husband said that her husband had made the vanity for their daughter. “I know that we can fix it up and give it to our daughter!” I thought it was ready for the something other! Well, my husband showed me what restoring a “diamond in the rough” truly means. That vanity traveled all over the Eastern United States and Germany and back! Fast forward, my daughter has 3 girls of her own now. I asked if anyone would like the vanity in their bedroom. The youngest girl got it! That was after some time and effort was put into to the pieces. All the girls were happy to see this vanity come to its new home! You see,, last year my husband past away . But, my daughter still tells how Papa would come home with “diamonds in the rough“. Nana would call it “junk “ or “ trash”!

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