Facebook Guidelines

American Paint Company has a vibrant fun facebook page.

www.facebook.com/americanpaintcompany is where we encourage you all to share your photos, post comments and support the company.

We also have a private FB group for our retailers only. If you have not been invited in yet please contact your distributor for an invitation.

This group was created for our retailers to communicate, share ideas, inspire and help one another. We strive to keep our group friendly and drama free. If you have product questions or complaints, please call or email your distributor. They will have the answers you need to be successful with your projects and/or to help answer your customers questions. Please, no swearing or off color remarks. Let’s keep it clean, unless you spill paint, that’s okay.

Most regions have their own groups as well. Check with your distributor!

Facebook is a terrific vehicle for promoting your business. If you are new to facebook here are a few articles that will help you get started:


Remember to build your own brand. American Paint Company logos may be used as outlined in your retailer agreement. You may not use “American Paint” or “American Paint Company” in the name of your Facebook business (fan) page.

Many of the pictures we use to promote our retailers are received from the Facebook Sharing page.  To make it easier to feature you and to help us locate your business, please do the following:

1.  Link your business and professional page by listing your business page in the ‘About’ section of your personal page.  This helps us find your business quickly (since you will be in the Retailer Sharing as your personal page) and also lets your friends know about your business as well.

2.  When sharing pictures in the Facebook room for possible use on the website, please list the product you used and your business name (if it is not listed on your personal page).  Please see ‘How To Be Involved With the Website’ for further tips.

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