My first Chalk Painting project ever…a $5 Book Shelf

My First Chalk Painting Project Ever…a $5 Book Shelf

“I’ve literally NEVER painted a piece in my entire life…not even a fence post!” 

Amber purchased some American Paint Company products, but had never used them before. So, they sat on the shelf, staring at her day after day.

Her dream was to paint a leather couch, but when you find a $5 book shelf on a local buy & sell page then you get the itch to try your new paints right away. Amber thought to herself, “Practicing on a cheap piece is a win-win, right?”

My First Chalk Painting Project Ever...a $5 Book Shelf

Amber’s shelf needed a light sanding where the laminate was peeling away from the wood veneer, and a really good cleaning.  Her preference was not to have a wood oak finish, but rather a modern solid feel.  This was the perfect chance to use the products she purchased from American Paint Company!


  • American Paint Company color in Cannonball; a rich, midnight black color.
  • American Paint Company Top Coat is a durable sealer that goes on clear, and leaves your piece with a professional shiny finish.
  • Foam Brush to apply the liquid sealer.
  • Bristle Brush to apply the paint.

Amber was amazed at how fast the paint dried. It was way faster than she expected. Painting with the grain was the best way to apply the paint because it blended together.

Thank you Amber for sharing your experience and your lovely piece.

Let’s see the final result on this old book shelf.

My First Chalk Painting Project Ever...a $5 Book Shelf

My First Chalk Painting Project Ever...a $5 Book Shelf


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