Hand Painted Color Chart Sheets

Although American Paint Company prints a 4-color press piece that is a color chart (color charts will be updated as needed and printed when a new collection is released), some retailers may like a form to hand paint color charts for their clientele.  Attached you will find such forms.  Many retailers who hand paint these charge a fee for them for customers (anywhere from $2-5).

We suggest you print them out on cardstock weight paper and you can put them in a frame on your display.

It is also suggested to purchase little stickers (circle shape) and paint the entire sheet of stickers a single color. Then, you can simply remove the sticker and put it on the chart.  You can make 7 color charts at one time, quickly, without having to hand paint each individual chart.

Here is the Full Line of Colors including the Bold & Beautiful on 1 chart:

APC 2016 Color Chart PDF Download

American Paint Company