How to Age a Hutch Using Vintage Antiquing Wax

How to Age a Hutch Using Vintage Antiquing Wax

If you’re painting fine furniture such as a china cabinet, hutch, or other furniture showpieces, American Paint Company offers their popular Vintage Antiquing Wax to seal your project. The Vintage Antiquing Wax is a completely all-natural sealer. Unlike other sealers, it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and is not petroleum-based. In this post, we will share how to age a hutch using vintage antiquing wax to get the look you want.

Our featured DIYer, Lisa, purchased this hutch in 1994 along with the matching table when she moved into her house.  It was a quality Birchwood set made by Canadel on special order. It was stained with a whitewash that had yellowed over the years so she decided that Dollar Bill was the perfect farmhouse green to redo her hutch.

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Other colors and waxes that Lisa purchased from her local retailer for this project included a taupe-like color found in Smoke Signal, a grey color found in Tarnished Platter, and Uncle Sam, a pure white color paint. She also purchased a Vintage Antiquing wax in both clear & black color.

How to age a hutch in 4 easy steps:

    1. Remove doors and hardware.
    2. Using a cross-hatch stroke process, apply the first coat of paint. This will give your hutch some added texture and dimension. Lisa used the Dollar Bill green as her primary color, then layered the other colors, paying attention to some of the more recessed areas.
    3. Apply the second coat of your primary color, allowing some of the other colors to pop out here and there.

      Age a hutch with vintage antiquing wax

    4. Apply clear wax to the entire piece. Then, apply the black wax, paying special attention to the nooks, crannies and the texture created by the cross-hatch strokes. One common mistake to avoid is applying the black wax over the entire piece. Lisa shows us that a little goes a long way by only applying the black wax into the more recessed areas of the hutch. This technique produces a more vintage and antique look.

Lisa did a fantastic job! By combining American Paint Company paint and wax, a cross-hatch stroke technique and strategically applying the Vintage Antiquing Wax, she was able to produce amazing results. We are overjoyed that we could take part in her project and hope to see more from Lisa in the future. She claims,

 I truly loved working with this paint. It performed perfectly. In fact I liked it so much, I have already purchased more from my local retailer.

Paint Once with Our Paints, You Will be Addicted


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