How to Be Involved With the Website

Post pictures of work you have painted in the Facebook Retailer Sharing room.  Please include a link to your FB business page and the colors and products you used.  If you are not on Facebook, these photos can be emailed to your distributor.


Photos featured on the website are chosen for a variety of reasons. Their relevance to the post and the repetition of color used in that post, etc.  All photos are given consideration and will be filed for future use. If you don’t see it now, you probably will later!


Website photos are best when they are clear and bright and taken in daylight. Your photos DO NOT need to be professional, you don’t need a fancy camera, and you can use your smart phone!  Avoid collages, overlays, and distortions.  Close range shots are best so people can see your work.  If you would like to include a zoomed in shot of detail (these are great) please include it as a second shot, not the only one.  It is not required but it’s a good idea to watermark your photos, this helps customers find YOU.


You do not have to be a blogger to be featured on our blog.  Please refer to the ‘Blog Post Template’ page for details.


Be active spread the word about American Paint Company!


Comment on our website posts frequently.  When doing this, please log out of the Retailer Login Page, otherwise the comment comes up that it was made by “apcretailer”.  You want your own name on the comment so customers find YOU.


Visit often and click the ‘Pin It’ button on pictures you would like to post on your Pinterest board, mention “American Paint Company” in the comment section of your pin so it’s more searchable.  The more APC is shared the more we grow your business.

American Paint Company