As a retailer, you have limited use of the logo for use of advertising classes, promoting product and generating general interest of APC. The logo may not be altered in any way.  You may not use the logo on any item that would be for sale (such as t-shirts, painting products or tools, or any other retail product) or repackage the products in anyway.  The logos that are provided are outlined, vector files ready for use at any printer.  There are two kinds and 2 sizes.  The kind that is available is either ‘rectangle’ or ‘square’ which refers to the flag in the logo. The rectangle one is used on the website and the square is seen on the sample size jar.  The sizes available refer to the largest size that it can be enlarged to, without becoming blurry.  These are also available in the Facebook Retailer Sharing room under ‘Files’.

Here they are:







American Paint Company