Painting Furniture – Finding Potential in Each Piece

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I recognize that this is a terrific piece with great potential and everyone that sees it in my basement, comments on how much they love it.  It could be great, but at the moment, it was not.


I’ve been looking at it for 2 years since my daughter, Breanna, found it.  No “a-ha” moments coming, the only epiphany I had was to admit that I don’t like French Provincial style furniture.  I never have! I know, I can hear all the gasps out there.  But I’m not a girly girl and don’t really have an eye for what to do with it.  In fact, I wouldn’t even purchase it even if it was a great deal.  Even if it were free, I would hesitate!  But everything has potential and we all have different styles we like, so I knew it could be something to someone.
I brought it to the shop and decided to take the existing hardware off and clean it so that it would be ready to repaint if I chose to use it. I soaked the handles in a diluted natural cleaner and then scrubbed them. That’s when it happened, the “a-ha moment”, and I knew what I wanted to do! The handles cleaned up beautifully and the cabinet was going to get a coat of American Paint Company’s chalk and clay paint in Peacock, a rich deep turquoise!
Oh no! That’s when I realized I was out of Peacock! I’ve dreaded painting this piece for so long and now that I was excited to paint it, I was out of the color I wanted. I decided I couldn’t wait and so I mixed my own color using half of American Paint Company’s Born on the Fourth and half of Beach Glass.  This is so easy to do and American Paint Company’s all natural chalk and clay paint comes in 44 colors that can be mixed into thousands of other shades and tones.  Here is my custom blue:
Picture 1
The natural gold tone of the handles are stunning against this beautiful blue!


I painted the inside of the cabinet and wire screen with Parchment from the new Ellis Collection and finished with Clear Wax that was mixed with Gold Mica. Here she is all re-energized.



She now is in our store in Brooklyn, Michigan, waiting for that someone who does love French Provincial style furniture, to take her home.  Now, what to paint next?
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  1. Love this piece! Beautiful colors–outstanding!

  2. Turned out very nice!

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