Product Usage



Paint Instructions for Use:

Clean piece thoroughly with American Paint Company Brush and Surface Cleaner, allow to dry completely. A light sanding will also help to clean the surface. Shake paint for 1-2 minutes.  Remove lid and stir thoroughly.  Dish out paint into a separate container rather than dipping your brush into the can.  With a good quality brush or roller, apply 1 coat.  Allow paint to dry (2-4 hours).  Apply second coat, if needed, and allow to dry again.  You can run a fine grit sanding block over your piece before or after you wax.  You can also distress using a damp cloth.

clear wax

Clear Wax Instructions for Use:

Clear Wax should be applied in a thin, even coat with a brush or lint-free cloth.  Wipe away excess.  The surface should then be thoroughly buffed with a dry cloth or buffing brush after 2-4 hours.  For an even harder finish, the wax can be rebuffed 2-4 days after the initial buffing.  This product requires several weeks to fully cure.  Freshly waxed surfaces should be kept free of moisture and heavy use traffic for 1 week minimum.

dark wax

Dark Wax Instructions for Use:

Apply sparingly with a soft brush or lint free cloth.  This can either be applied on top of clear wax or by itself. Remove any excess.  Leave more wax in the areas that you want the deeper pigmentation.  Remove all wax from areas that you do not want an aged appearance.  Allow to rest several minutes, before wiping away all excess.  Apply a second coat if needed for deeper color.  Do not over saturate your wood with the wax.  Build color slowly. Use only a soft cloth to buff.  For a harder finish, apply a coat of the Clear Wax several days after the application of the Dark Wax.  Dark Wax and all pigmented waxes take practice.   Always work on a sample board prior to first use.

Top coat

Top Coat Instructions for Use:

Top Coat creates a durable surface.  Shake well before use.  It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush or foam brush.  For ease of application, it can be applied diluted with approximately 30% water, using several light coats to achieve a durable finish.  For a hand-waxed feel, after final coat of Top Coat has dried completely, you may apply Clear Wax on top of the Top Coat.  Give your piece a light sanding with very high grit sand paper, then wax.  This product requires several weeks to fully cure.  Freshly finished surfaces should be kept free of moisture and heavy objects.  Heavy use should be avoided for 1 week.



hard coat

Hard Coat Instructions for Use:

Hard Coat creates a strong durable transparent surface.  Apply American Paint Company Hard Coat at room temperature above 59 degrees (15 C).  Apply with a good quality brush or lint free rag. Stir well before use (extreme agitation such as shaking or mixing by machine may cause surface bubbles, and should be avoided). Surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and absorbents.  Painted surfaces must be completely dry before applying Hard Coat.  Apply smooth thin coats to surface and allow four to five hours between coats.  This product will cure over a period of approximately one week to reach its final hardness.

mica in a row


We offer 5 different colors of Micas: Silver, Pewter, Copper, Gold and Black.  Mica can be added to our waxes, Top Coat, paint and Glaze.  Mica will add either a subtle hint of shimmer to your piece or it can be pounced on directly to your freshly waxed piece to give an intense Mica effect.  When using mica keep in mind a little goes a long way, start out slowly when adding to your piece.

APC grit

American Grit

American Grit is a fantastic, simple product to utilize for creating aged, patina finish on your piece.  Generously wax your piece, allow to cure for about 15 minutes.  Use a separate brush and dip it into the grit. Apply liberally and outdoors (this is messy).  Pounce this onto your waxed piece and allow to cure for an additional 15 minutes.  Take your brush and dust off remaining wax.  While doing this your will also buff your piece.



We offer two different colors of glaze: Brown and Black.  Glaze can be diluted with water up to three times.  There are several techniques for applying glaze.  Lightly spritz your surface with water, then apply glaze, spritz again with water and texturize with a natural sponge.  Depending on the weather and thickness of the glaze, drying times will vary.  Allow each layer of glaze to dry completely before applying additional layers.

APC Brush/prep

Brush and Surface Cleaner:

Our brush and surface cleaner is also an organic product that is essential in prepping your piece for paint.  Cleaner can either be directly applied to a damp sponge or 1 TBSP can be added to a small squirt bottle.  Once brush and surface cleaner has been applied to your piece, use a damp rag to remove any remaining residue.  Allow the piece to fully dry before applying paint.


Metallix Paint:

Metallix Paint is really popular right now and trending because of the different bright and fun looks you can get with the product.  We have 7 different Metallix colours to choose from & American Paint Company has one of the only All-Natural & Eco-friendly Metallix paints on the market.  There are two ways you can use the Metallix Paint.  1) The first way is by applying the paint directly on to your piece of furniture.  One thing to note is that Metallix paint is translucent.  Meaning you can almost see through the first layer so, if you are going to use it as a paint you will need 4-6 layers.  2) The second way you can use the product is as a finishing embellishment.  Meaning you simply apply the Metallix paint after you have used the clay.chalk.mineral paint.  Using this method you will only need 1-2 coats.  EXAMPLE:  Amber Waves of Grain & Gold Metallix Paint

When using Metallix you don’t need a sealer because it has a built in sealer.  With that said, we would still recommend using a Top Coat Sealer if the piece needs more durability.

Additional Tips and  Tricks…

–       This is a very thick paint that will allow you to create more distressed surfaces.  If you want a more smooth finish, water the paint down and it will flow easier.

–       Dip your brush in water then in the paint to control the flow of the paint.

–       For your final coat of paint, water your paint down to a juice like consistency and apply-this will create a very smooth, level surface.

–       Make sure to prepare your piece completely to ensure a successful painting project.



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