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Painted Furniture Using an All Natural Chalk and Clay Paint

What a glorious summer week to paint furniture!  Look what our paintriots have done this time: Village Furniture painted this armoire using Limoges, and a mix of browns with Navajo White. Mainely Vintage painted this table using layers of Cannonball, Beach Glass, Tumbleweed, Heaven’s Light and Desert Cactus. Junque in My Trunk painted this dresser using Treasure {Read More…}

Painted Furniture Using American Paint Company

One of the best features of our natural chalk and clay paint is being able to work indoors safely!  Whether you are braving the heat in your air conditioned palace or trying to stay warm inside, you can paint with no fumes!  Check out what our paintriots having transformed. Restyled Vintage Designs painted this dresser using {Read More…}

Who, What, Where Wednesday – 4 Quarters Timeless Vintage

Paths are worn between the houses of Janet, Marian, Sandy, and Misty.  We’ve all memorized each other’s garage codes. Simply put, we are friends and neighbors who enjoy junking, shopping, and creating together! We’ve all had other jobs (art teacher, travel agents, nurse) but thought it would be fun to do something with those creative ideas that we {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #10

Feeling creative?  Need inspiration?  These should get you going. Collage painted this china cabinet with Home Plate and Beach Glass. Distressed Nest Boutique painted these wedding blocks using Home Plate over stained wood. My Sweet Holly painted this dresser and mirror with Smoke Signal and finished in Top Coat and Black Glaze. Twigs and Twine in Colorado {Read More…}

Who, What, Where Wednesday – Brick Street Cottage

My name is Lisa  I own Brick Street Cottage.  I have a confession, I love junk! That’s right, junk! Not for the fact that it is junk in it’s current state, but for it’s potential. My first junk project was at the age of 12, it was an old stop sign that I salvaged from {Read More…}

Makeover Monday – Before and After

They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this definitely rings true with wood furniture.  Even though scratched and worn, some see wood grain that shouldn’t be covered and others see a canvas waiting to be painted.  If you ever want to create controversy and don’t want to talk politics, just {Read More…}

Who, What, Where Wednesday – Shizzle Design

Three years ago, Shizzle Design sisters Cathy and Shelly picked up their first pieces of vintage furniture and unveiled them at Holland, Michigan’s Art in the Park.  Their goal was to rescue old pieces before they ended up in the landfill and hopefully make a little money in the process.  They were blown away with {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #8

Welcome to another week of fabulous painted items using American Paint Company all natural paints!  Check it out: Simple Matters at Junk Street Market painted this hutch using Peacock and finished in Black Glaze. Upcycled Vintage Charm  painted this dresser using Rushmore and finished in Top Coat.  Junque in My Trunk  painted this hutch using {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #7

Well, it’s been another great week of beautiful projects finished by our paintriots.  Here’s some inspiration to LOVE on Valentine’s Day: Salvaged Decor in Michigan painted this hutch using Heaven’s Light (retired), Gun Powder and finished in Clear Wax with Pewter Mica. The Old Store finished this oak office chair with Fireworks Red. Youngest of Nine Designs finished {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #5

One of the best features of our natural chalk and clay paint is being able to work indoors safely!  Brrrr, it’s cold everywhere!  Stay warm and check out what the paintriots did this week! Restyled Vintage Designs painted this dresser using Freedom Road and Plymouth Rock. 4 Quarters Timeless Vintage painted and stenciled this table using {Read More…}

Who, What, Where Wednesday – Junque in My Trunk

Hello and welcome to Kansas! I’m Karen Gideon and I am a native Kansan, raised in Wichita and moved to Topeka in the early 1980’s. In my youth I spent lots of time in rural Kingman County visiting my great uncle and aunt on their farm. I have lots of fond memories of their large {Read More…}

American Paint Company – A Feature in a Decorating Career

If you know me or have been following my progress, you are aware that I started my decorating career solely making custom window treatments. There was no style that I ever refused to fabricate. I always felt confident that I could execute whatever was asked of me. I am self-taught. But, I must tell you, {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #4

Another wonderful week of painting continues!  Look what the paintriots have transformed now. This beautiful sideboard was painted by Pieces with Rushmore. This drop down desk was painted by The Local Mercantile with Fireworks Red over Cannonball Perennial Design painted this buffet in Shoreline and finished with Brown Glaze. Vintage Market and Paint Studio painted this dresser with Tea Cup {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #3

It’s a wonderful time to rethink your interiors and the paintriots can show you just how easy and beautiful using our chalk/clay/mineral paint can be!  Get inspired: Junque  in My Trunk painted this china cabinet with Peacock over Voyage, Coral Reef and Beach Glass. The inside was painted using Voyage, Top Coat and then Dark Wax. {Read More…}

Who, What, Where Wednesday – Pretty in Paint

  We had a booth in an antique mall for several years prior to opening a furniture  store of our own. I started painting furniture after my first visit to an Anthropologie store. I knew I could paint something and make it look good for much less money and then friends would buy it from me, so I thought {Read More…}

Painted Furniture – Adding Texture with Paint

The sun is setting as I write this post and I have to tell you, I’m so excited to share the pictures of this piece with all of you! I loved it when I purchased it then I got it home and for the life of me, couldn’t decide what to do with it.  So {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #22

The paintriots have been busy this week painting fabulous furniture.  Check out what they’ve been doing. Salvaged Decor in Michigan painted this lovely dining set in Home Plate, Wild Horses and Rushmore. The Old Store painted this dresser in Amber Waves of Grain. A Piece of the Pie Frames painted this cute nightstand in Freedom Road and {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #20

It’s been a spooky week of tricks and treats but the paintriots have still been busy creating fabulous finishes with American Paint Company. Check out this gorgeous silver leather sofa!  Frame painted with Lincoln’s Hat and distressed, then waxed with Clear Wax and Silver Mica by The Mill at Gibsonville. This curvy beauty was painted {Read More…}

Layering Paint – A Display Cabinet

One of my favorites was re-purposed out of an antique Victrola Cabinet.  I had never seen one like this before but it sure is cool.  All I had to do was remove the doors and build shelving to create a pretty unique display case. Fireworks Red over Wild Horses with Clear & Dark Wax Can {Read More…}

Painted Furniture – A Rescued Hutch

I found this hutch at the neighborhood Goodwill just asking to be rescued and given new life. It was just sitting there for only $10! I couldn’t resist! Step 1: The first thing I did was to remove the glass doors in order to make the cabinet open and allow me to showcase other goodies. Step {Read More…}

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