Sales Tips

Believe in Your Product

You love it, let’s sell it.  Use all of your products so that you are able to give first hand knowledge.   Offer a free class to your staff or those who will be selling the product for you so they can love it and understand it as well.

Be Passionate

Let your client know that you use the product and how it has benefited you.  Stay in touch with your client base to tell them about new products and colors.


Have your product in a prominent place in an orderly and attractive display.  If you are off site for a show, carry a portfolio.

Up Sell

When you have discovered your client’s needs, offer to show her/him other products which would make their project easier/better.  For example; your line of brushes or tools, waxes, glazes, etc.

Have the Answers

Answer your client’s questions. If you are unsure don’t be afraid to say so. Let your customer know you will find out – then do it – call your distributor and refer them to the website where there is a wealth of information to help and inspire them.

Listen and Question

Listen when your client talks, she/he is giving you information about their needs and desires.  Don’t be afraid to question your client about their needs.  They may not understand that certain products will work better in different situations.  It is your responsibility to make sure they have the correct product for their project.


When you are with a client, focus on her needs and her project.  Your client’s needs are central so, “You may find this easier to use” is better than “I like to use this”.

Follow Up

After a large sale or after you have solved a problem, follow up with a phone call (if possible) to make sure everything is satisfactory.  You can also encourage them to share a photo of their finished project that could be posted on your Facebook page.  Customers will be excited to see their work on our Facebook page.

Bonus Point

Courtesy is never out of fashion.  Make sure to thank clients for the sale or for visiting your shop.



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