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APC’s All Natural Sealers

Are you wondering which APC sealer will work best for your furniture painting project? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading below to learn all about our All Natural Sealers.


Choose Your Sealer

Each of the American Paint Company sealers has a unique purpose. Pick your sealer for your paint project!


Top Coat

APC’s Top Coat is a durable sealer that goes on clear and leaves your piece with a shiny professional finish.

Recommended for ‘high traffic’ furniture like dining room tables, kitchen bar stools or kitchen cupboards, the Top Coat is your best bet!

Top Coat is one of our most popular All Natural sealers, recommended for beginners and easily applied with a foam brush or smaller decor projects.

The best part about Top Coat? You can repaint over it, or add Dark Wax or Glaze over it once it has dried.

Matte finish

Vintage Antiquing Wax

Vintage Antiquing Wax is a completely All-Natural sealer that can be used on furniture with fine finishes, like end tables and china cabinets. Or any other furniture that doesn’t get a lot of ‘high traffic’! Unlike other sealers, it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and is not petroleum based. This means, there is no smell and it won’t leave you with a headache. So go ahead! Use finish up your project indoors!

 You’ll find that the wax leaves a more of a professional matte finish, rather than a shiny finish. If you are just beginning to paint furniture and don’t have a lot of experience, we don’t recommend using wax project. Applying the wax takes a few extra steps, including applying wax, removing excess, then buffing out the surface evenly.

Once you seal a project with wax, it will take a good 2-3 weeks to completely cure. Even though it goes on sticky, it will harden over time.


The Vintage Antiquing Wax comes in 4 different colors – Clear, White, Dark, and Black. If you’re looking for a darker finish on your project, we recommend trying the White, Black or Dark Vintage Antiquing Wax options. Keep in mind that the darker waxes should be applied sparingly with a soft brush or lint-free cloth. 

You can cover your entire piece using the Dark or Black Wax and it will act as a sealer. Of, if you only want to add the darker waxes in the detailed areas or corners of your piece, then we recommend sealing your project with the liquid Top Coat first, prior to applying Dark Wax. 

If you use the tinted wax (white, dark, black) and you have used too much or the finish is too pigmented and not the look you are going fo, you can use the clear antiquing wax as an eraser. Just lightly go over the surface with the clear wax and wipe back to get the desired look.

Make sure to take off the excess wax and buff out your project with the Buffing Brush or a lint-free cloth.

Max Protection

Hard Coat

Hard Coat creates a strong, durable transparent surface. If you need maximum durability for projects, such as your kitchen cupboards, front door or other outdoor furniture & decor, then this is the sealer for you.

This sealer dries fast and can be a little more difficult to work with than the Top Coat sealer, so it may take some practice on a smaller project to get used to working with it first. However, if applied correctly, it can act as a good sealer and leave a great looking shiny finish to your piece. 

Keep in mind that although it’s a durable finish, you’ll still need to look after your furniture as you normally would. Use coasters, placemats and tablecloths when necessary!


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