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If you know me or have been following my progress, you are aware that I started my decorating career solely making custom window treatments.

There was no style that I ever refused to fabricate. I always felt confident that I could execute whatever was asked of me.
I am self-taught. But, I must tell you, I have definitely had teachers. My mother, Geraldine, my Aunt Carol and my grandma, Octavia, have all influenced me. I was so passionate about window treatments that I would have never imagined that I would be painting furniture.
Sometimes life takes you down a different road. I chose to walk that road.
I recently painted these chairs in APC Lincoln’s Hat and reupholstered them in denim and nailhead trim. Honestly, I want to do it all! And I do, one project at a time.
APC Lincoln’s hat again on my foyer piece.
APC Rushmore and Home Plate on a clients piece.
Some of my other favorites:
Lincoln’s Hat
Dollar Bill
Home Plate
Post courtesy of Jodie


  1. CArol Jackson says:

    This is awesome . Would love to get some paint to try some of the works shown

  2. CArol Jackson says:

    Awesome work!

  3. Jodie has always been an inspiration to me! Beautiful work from a lovely and talented woman. If you are ever in the York, PA area Jodie’s shop Pieces is a not to miss! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring! You are truly Gifted!!

  5. So inspired by this. The work is beautiful. The chairs are outstanding! I love the idea of giving new life to beautiful things.
    Jen of Ivy Lane

  6. The most amazing and talented woman I have ever met…………………

  7. Love your article, The Lampshade in the first image giving a delightful look to the room and attract towards the painting and decorating work.

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