APC Allows You To Take a Chance

APC Allows You To Take a Chance

Refinishing a furniture project can sometimes seem like a daunting task. You might have a vision of what you want to accomplish but afraid you won’t attain the results you want. Whether you are a novice just starting out on redo-ing your home furniture or an experienced painter selling pieces at your antique store, you can be nervous to retouch a piece. But the beauty about American Paint Company products is that they allow you to take a chance!

APC paint is so beginner friendly in that it is such a forgiving paint! Did you accidentally drop some on your hardwood floors? Wipe it up and no one will ever be the wiser! Not really sure of the color you chose for that project? Wipe it up. Start over. Try again. You won’t have to strip and sand down your project again to test out anothercolor. And those brush marks? The Top Coat will help even it out. Those pieces that you’ve never tried before will look exciting and no longer out of reach.

Christy was gifted a well-loved table from a girlfriend and figured this was her chance to redo a table! She had never done one before and was excited for the opportunity. She purchased her APC products from Manetain, and mentioned

I absolutely LOVE American Paint Company paint! This is the only paint I use on any of my projects, [it’s a] great product easy to use and best of all not toxic and can paint in the house with my children around.

The colors she brought home for this project were:

Cannon Ball

Peacock &

Dark wax

Christy exclaimed “This is my absolute favorite project I have ever done!” and we must admit her table looks too good to eat off of. ¬†She sanded down the lime green paint that the table once sported.

Then, she painted the base and legs with Cannonball and Peacock.

Lastly, Christy sealed it all up with some Vintage Antiquing Dark Wax.

So do you have a project you would like to take a chance on? APC can help you achieve all your wildest dreams! And when you’re done, make sure you share you project with us to enter to win $100 in free APC stuff!

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