APC Loves 1980’s Furniture

APC Loves 1980’s Furniture

We here at APC absolutely love 80’s furniture! That distinctive oak look. The classless edges and the blocky nature of it all. Not to mention it’s readily available at thrift stores with budget-friendly prices. Why is it that we love such a tasteless era of furniture, you ask? Well, 1980’s furniture was made to be refinished, begs to be covered up, and therefore is the perfect canvas for APC paint!

APC products make refinishing old, outdated pieces a breeze. Our Clay/Chalk/Mineral Base paint adheres to most (if not all) surfaces making prep work a thing of the past. And did we mention that our eco-friendly products make it possible to paint indoors?! With APC products, you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes or harsh chemicals. So grab yourself some 80’s furniture and turn it into something beautiful and worth bragging about. 

Lou Macaulay did exactly that. She picked up an old used bedroom set for $100 (which is a steal!). And we have to agree with Lou that the bedroom set was probably made back in the late 1980’s. Then, Lou picked up some Freedom Road paint and our popular Top Coat sealer from her local American Paint Company retailer, Buds and Bloom.

Of the project, Lou comments, “The paint went on eas[ily], it was actually a much quicker process than I had anticipated.” Although the bedroom set had no initial personal meaning or value, with the help of APC products has become her son’s first bedroom set. We’re sure it will be a piece that her family will cherish for years to come!

Refinishing the 1980’s furniture inspired Lou to look for “additional pieces to paint and add to our home now”.  American Paint Company will have you hooked! So go out and find that perfect 1980’s furniture piece, ready to be refinished!

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