Buffing Hand Painted Furniture

Buffing Hand Painted Furniture

Buffing Hand Painted Furniture

This is a quick tip on Buffing Hand Painted Furniture.

A brown paper bag or brown paper bag is a wonderful ‘secret weapon’ for buffing your hand painted furniture.

Step 1:

Paint and finish your piece, with either American Paint Company Vintage Antiquing Wax or Top Coat product.  Allow 2 to 4 hours for your finish to cure.

Step 2:

Then buff it with a piece of brown paper bag or brown grocery sack, this will create a beautiful low sheen on your piece.

Quick, easy and simple.


  1. Really? I’ve just started and I was using rags. I have no idea and need to watch more video and tips from you guys.

  2. Bonnie Armstrong says

    I have applied one coat of Navajo White over 2 coats of Zinsser Bull’s Eye white primer on a medium/dark dining room chair but can still some darkness showing through. I am not usually DIYer so don’t really know what to expect. I will do a second coat of the chalk paint but should I use it as thick as I did for the first coat or should I thin it with water…and if so, how much water? I did not stir it or anything ….pored some into a plastic containers….was that correct? I also have brush strokes so do not know if I am using too little or too much paint. How do I know when too much is too much? I am using the round bristle brush. Should I try one of those disposable sponge brushes?….would that make any difference? I could not find these kind of “novice” issues on your tutorials. Thank you!

  3. angie rallis says

    i think i’m missing something. i thought you guys had videos. i bought some of your paint and was told you had great tutorials. i assumed they were videos?

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