Creating an heirloom!

Seventies Bentwood Rocker Becomes an Heirloom!

Heirlooms are something special handed down from one generation to another, regardless of the current function or value.

Do you have a special piece of furniture or decor that represents a meaningful event or memory and it makes you smile & reflect on its sentimental beginnings?  Linda created a family heirloom using American Paint Company’s Front Lawn and Clear Wax to update her 1970s bentwood rocker!


It was a gift to me from my husband while we were dating in 1977, as I was moving into my first apartment in the Chicago suburbs. We married in 1980, and in 1982, he joined the Navy and we headed off to Pensacola FL for flight school. We spent the next 22 1/2 years moving from place to place… and the rocker was always with us! San Diego, CA… Jacksonville, FL…. Newport, RI…. Fairfax, VA.  I would never part with it regardless if it fit our small housing or our décor. 2 years ago, we retired to a small town in VA, and this summer I decided it was time to repurpose the rocker… and gift it to our 32 yr old daughter who like me, LOVES painted pieces… especially anything that has “history”. We both cried when I gave it to her!

Linda Dohl Front Lawn bentwood rocker

Painted in Front Lawn, clear waxed, while my husband replaced the caning with boards and upholstered it in navy blue (the Navy career theme) and white chevron. A joint project… and I am so happy that is has a “forever home”.


Photos courtesy of Poppy + Chalk



  1. Hello, everything is beautiful!!! I would like to know how did your husband attach the upholstered padding to back and seat of rocker. I have a rocker also like this. Thanks

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