Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Makeover

Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Makeover

Looking for a fun, easy and cheap Fall craft? It’s amazing how a little APC love can transform some ordinary dollar store decor into something you actually want to display in your home!

These bright little pumpkins were purchased at the dollar store and underwent a serious, dramatic transformation. A couple of layers of Smoke Signal were used to prime the bright and shininess out of the pumpkins. Note that the first layer goes on thin, especially when covering slippery surfaces like this, or glass or plastic!


After satisfactory coverage was achieved with the primer, the darker paints Freedom Road and Cannonball were pounced on random spots and in the crevices of the pumpkins to add depth and dimension. Pumpkins have texture, irregular colors and imperfections that you can create with the clay paint to keep that texture and imperfections!

Other techniques you can try is dripping paint like in the photo below. The paint drips slipped into the crevices adding an extra little punch of color and creativity. Or try mixing some MICA powder with top coat to create a thick metallix drip and let that shimmery goodness make its way into the cracks of the pumpkin for added pizzazz.

Lastly, seal your art with some wax. White Vintage Antiquing wax was used to blend all the colors together and provide a more uniform finish! And voila! A beautiful dollar store fall pumpkin makeover!


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