Donating Furniture – A Happy Side Table

The piece I’d like to share was a local garage sale purchase.  Although I only paid $5 for it, I knew it had a wonderful life still ahead.  It had some minor refinishing issues, as shown in this picture, but with a few tools in our shop those were easily fixed.  It would have a new life.
We decided to paint it in American Paint Company Beach Glass, the perfect shade of turquoise. After a nice sanding/distressing job, we finished the table with top coat then wax.  The journey for this table had just begun!
During the retreat, our store was featured in a couple of ways.  First, they used the store as the backdrop for their statewide promo video.
Then, they followed up with an illustration video shoot at our home of Cody working on a coffee table from start to finish.  The video was only a couple of minutes long but showed the whole process of how to use the APC paint. It was such a wonderful way to share with others, especially those that may have been affected by tragedies and were rebuilding their homes, how to easily paint and upgrade second hand finds.
Now with the current beauty of this table, no one would ever suspect it’s meager beginnings.  It is gratifying to know that the work we do at the store can not only feed our passions, but make a home a better place for a good cause.
I’d like to think it’s happy in it’s new home, but most importantly, those who are enjoying it are happy as well.
Post courtesy of The Old Store

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