Facebook Friday #3

It looks as though the paintriots have been back at it, and this week the blues are in the lead!  Check out this princess suite painted by Finders to Keepers.  Isn’t this a beauty?

All it needs is a pretty princess to take it home to her castle!1013461_481529675250709_1052285851_n-2

This sweet little table was painted by A Piece of the Pie .  Isn’t this cute?

Surfboard is such a happy color, I think I might have a place for this.  Hmmm!988492_272362999570214_1480064320_n

If you are looking for something fun to do, why not try painting fabric?

This project was started by Orphaned Decor, but she couldn’t even take the time to finish it because it SOLD as she was working on it!  The customer wanted to join in on the fun and finish it herself, so out the door it went!993511_10151969965099989_1788913595_n

Restyled Vintage Designs in IN did this cool nightstand with Shining Seas and Navajo White.  Shining star more like it!  This one’s a beauty and the two tone is so popular right now!1016650_592026914152430_1725451264_n

Upcycled Vintage Charm in OH gives us a break from the blues and brings out the smoke!  Smoke Signal and Plymouth Rock that it!  Gray is always so stunning and matches any decor.1013978_388901617888683_823997919_n

And just when you thought we were keeping it subdued, G Willikers in Gaylord, MI pumped up the volume with this dresser painted in the knock out color of Coral Reef!  There’s always one in the crowd who wants to get noticed!  Nothing shy about that beautiful hue!1016083_10201676886392538_1345381788_n

Until next week, keep those paint overalls on and that brush in your hand!  More inspiration coming soon!

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