From garage sale to gorgeous!

This sideboard I picked up on my way home from the American Paint Company retailer training we had in Pincher Creek with the wonderful people of Funked Up, my American Paint Company distributors.

I think all of you have the same problem as me.  I cannot come straight home.  Somehow my van always stops at garage sales, and thrift stores and that’s where I found this great sideboard.
On the top of the sideboard and on the hardware, I used Shingle on the roof and I used Voyage for the body of my sideboard.  To finish the sideboard, I used clear wax mixed with Home Plate, creating a white wax.  This is a technique we learned at retailer training.

Isn’t it great to use a technique you learned right away!

Buffet before

Buffet before

Dutchie M. Designs

In process

20150714_170148 #4

Completed sideboard


As usual this paint is a breeze to use.  This time I used a foamy roller to apply the paint.  Its easy to use and the wax with the paint mixed in shows up really well.

All photos courtesy of Manja van Aar


  1. This is beautiful. Sounds like you had a great trip

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