From Garage to Gorgeous

I purchased this cabinet a couple of years ago at a yard sale. The woman who was selling it had it in her garage as storage for a number of years so it was pretty beat up.  But she had the original doors and hardware.  It was a nice solid piece and had potential.

I had seen a piece with decorative paint on a popular blog and was inspired so I decided to do a similar design on this cabinet.

It was the perfect opportunity to use my new American Paint Company colors.

This color is called Surfboard.  It is a gorgeous blue and the paint is so creamy and easy to use.

Navajo White for the outside and the design.

I never used the cabinet with the doors on but, I love the way it looks and the original hardware is fabulous.

As you can see it provides substantial storage.

I think it came out really cute.

What do you think?

Post courtesy of Susanne


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