Furniture Makeover – A Vintage Dresser

I decided to try American Paint Company’s new color Peacock on one of my pieces for a market I’m doing. Peacock is a turquoise shade that has a bit of a vintage softness to it.

I am usually a grey or vintage white kind of girl, which I actually did start with on this piece, but those tried and true colors just didn’t do it for me this time, so I went with Peacock.


The piece, a vintage dresser, was a late night auction find.
First up, I used  TSP Cleaner for a good wipe down and then sanded the top.  Beginning with a higher grit and working my way down to about a 120 grit, until I noticed the wood grain. It looked like a vintage cutting board.  I was ready to stain the top but the colors of the wood, once sanded, had such a natural look I decided to leave it.
I went to my go-to “make the wood look awesome product”, hemp oil.  It really brings the color of your wood back to life and adds such a natural glow. See for yourself, look at the grain in the picture below, and then look at the “before” picture above again. The only thing I did was wipe the top down with hemp oil.
Now for the painting. Like I said, I started with a grey and then a white shade and neither captured the look I was going for so I tried Peacock and smiled immediately after the first stroke. If you look closely, you can see there is natural crackle on the piece (I think it must have spent a few warm summers in the barn it occupied for the past 40 years) so I decided to use a glaze to accentuate that feature.
Once the glaze was dry I sealed the piece with American Paint Company Top Coat. I felt a wax might distract from the glaze. I really am addicted to transforming vintage dressers. As I work on them I wonder; where their first home was, if it was a major purchase for their owner, who or where they bought it from, or how was it delivered (like the Wells Fargo Wagon in Music Man?)  Their dovetail drawers, time worn tops and wooden wheels always pull me in.
My parting shots are below, thanks for looking.
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Post courtesy of Chris


  1. Absolutely stunning! I haven’t tried the brown glaze but I’m inspired to do so and SOON! Thank you for a great post.

  2. I love this! You did an amazing job!!

  3. This is so gorgeous I’m at a loss for words and that doesn’t happen often. WOW

  4. Absolutely LOVE~ I wish the piece could talk, where did it come from, how was it used, where was it stored?
    Your treasure is truly a TREASURE.. and the color is just Gorgeous! Super Job~

  5. A beautiful piece…love the blending of old with the new look. I find it very “classic rustic”. Great job! I like the paint and stained wood combo.

  6. Julie A. Shearer says

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Maria Hull says

    You really did a lovely job on this piece. Great eye!

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