Glazing an Old Hutch – Before and After

In this post, we’ll cover glazing an old hutch before and after.

A couple years ago I was looking in an old shed my dad was going to tear down.  I noticed this big hutch and had no idea the history behind it.

I asked my dad if I could have the cabinet.  So he dropped it off in the bucket of his backhoe into our shop! As he dropped it off he laughed and said it be cheaper to burn it.

Hutch – Before Picture

Story by the Hutch – My Discovery

I started to sand and scrap coats of paint off and then noticed at the back my grandmothers initials as well as a date of 1924.

I now was asking my aunties about the hutch.Finding out that this hutch was made by my great grandfather whom I’ve never met.Now I was determined, after it was all sanded down I left it cause I was too scared to ruin it after all the hard work.

After Sanding the Hutch – Picture

The Glaze Transformation

I then went to my friend Jeralyn who I went to school with and owns Buds and Blooms in our town. She told me about the mixture of American Paint Company Glazes and I was so excited knowing this would look perfect on my grandmothers old hutch.

I glazed the doors and shelves with a Black/Brown Glaze mix then I sanded it a tad to give it a rustic look. My husband being a welder then torched the wood to give it an amazing look.

We then Top Coated the whole hutch and used the original hard ware, with the exception of the knobs also purchased from Buds and Blooms.

I could not be happier with this cabinet that I now am able to look at with amazing history in my home!

I enjoyed mixing the Black and Brown Glaze as each time was a tad different which gave amazing character! My dad has told me this cabinet had never looked so good!!

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