Hand Painted Furniture – A Beautiful Buffet

 I felt like I won the lottery when I found this buffet, with her oval door detail and fancy legs!


 I decided on American Paint Company’s chalk and clay paint in Navajo White because she looked classy to me, and white is a classy color.

After painting her white, she needed some sass. So I used Smoke Signal, the perfect gray, to paint the oval detail on the doors.
This piece was so pretty and I was happy to finally be getting her done!
After it was dry, I was looking at it and it still felt like it needed something. I knew it needed to be subtle because she already had so much detail I didn’t want to take away from that.
Then I remembered about the Mica!  
American Paint Company has this amazing mica that adds beautiful shimmer to wax or glaze and you can even put it directly on with your finger because it is the highest grade cosmetic mica!
I mixed about a teaspoon of American Paint Company Black Mica powder into some Clear Wax, mixed really well and used a chip brush to brush over the Smoke Signal.
The Black Mica is the only one that doesn’t have metallic properties but it’s really cool to just give that subtle depth that your piece may need.  Since you are adding the mica, you have control over how much to use.  I wasn’t adding a ton, it just needed a little extra ‘pretty’ and it did the trick!
I also added a pretty swag applique to the top drawer for some added dimension, gave it a little distress with some 220 grit sandpaper and finished with 2 coats of American Paint Company Top Coat.
Picture 19
We put her in the store and dressed her pretty for all to see.  She sold quickly and went to a lovely home!  
We love using American Paint Company paints, there are so many beautiful colors that fit our style.  
Here are a few other things we’ve painted for the store.  

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