You can create a custom painted floor!

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Double-Take Decor Furniture Paint Studio in Hamilton, Montana was interested in carrying an all natural, no VOC, earth friendly paint they would feel good about using and recommending to their customers.

They chose American Paint Company because is was safe and easy to use and they loved the wide palette of colors to choose from.

Before their initial shipment of paint arrived, owner Lisa DeSantiago, decided to put APC’s paint to the test and see what it could do and if it could it stand up to a commercial application on her retail showroom floor!

As Lisa explained “When we signed the lease for our new studio, we knew we had to do something to the floor which was really old, beat up, ugly dark green/white vinyl tile. We also knew our products were up for the challenge.”

The following is a step by step of that process which can be done on most any floor.

Pic 1 DTD
Here are the step to creating your own custom painted floor.

Step 1:

Paint 2 coats of American Paint Company paint in a medium toned brown, ‘Saddle!’ This is when we decided to use and retail this great line of clay/chalk/mineral based paint.  It was a breeze to use and the application process couldn’t have been easier!
(Notice no primer!)

Base coat

This is just the beginning..the floor space we were painting was 200 square feet.

Step 2:

We wanted to use an all over stencil and we applied our stencil to the entire floor except for the borders so it would look like a beautiful rug!


After about two-4 hour days the stenciling is all done….

Step 3:

Now we just have to ‘rough’ it up a bit with sanding and scuffing.  We want it to look like it’s been there forever.  Some of the old linoleum came through in places, which is what we wanted.  It defiantly doesn’t look ‘new’ and that’s just what we wanted!


Step 4:

The first of 4 coats of ‘High Traffic Verathane with dark stain added to help with the ‘old’ look and then we applied a couple more coats of High Traffic Verathane as our finish because it is a commercial space and it needs to hold up well.


Well, what do you think our of our floor transformation?

We love our floor and it looks great after more than a year in this retail space with lots of foot traffic, moving furniture back and forth and just about anything you can image has been done to this floor and it looks as good as it did when it was newly finished!


  1. Wow, that’s a pretty intense floor. It must’ve taken a lot of work to paint it like that. Did you hire a professional? I’ve actually been thinking about painting my walls (not my floor) like your floors. Did it take a long time? I don’t want to wait too long!

    • Hi Mia, sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I just saw your post. It took about 12 hours to do the whole floor. Not including the 3 times we cleaned it, which we would have had to do if we were going to leave it as is, anyway.
      About an hour of drying time for each coat of paint, then about 8 total hours for the stencil. I did 4 hours one day and 4 the next. It dried really fast…about an hour for that. But, I was tired and just went home.;’). The next day we sanded it here and there, I wanted it to look like it had always been there. Some places we sanded through to the linoleum and thats the look I wanted. The we put 4 coats, which we added dark stain to, of the High Traffic Polyurethane. Truly….that’s what took the most time, by far. Each coat had to dry over night. But, we have dragged furniture, dropped tools and even spilled paint (go figure) and it has held up extremely well..perfect actually.
      I did our office/guest room with the same stencil, in creams and Ivory…I say go for it. YOU’ll love it. Ours turned out gorgeous, I;m sure yours will, too. Let me know if you have anymore questions, I’d be happy to help, if I can. Happy paining, Lisa

  2. There are so many great things you can do with paint. It really is awesome to see. I would love to know other things you can do with paint too. I might as well get creative with it, and have fun!

  3. Painting is near-term word to concrete floors. Without painting, your floors will seem to gray color that have sad impression in mind. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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