Makeover Monday – Before and After

They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this definitely rings true with wood furniture.  Even though scratched and worn, some see wood grain that shouldn’t be covered and others see a canvas waiting to be painted.  If you ever want to create controversy and don’t want to talk politics, just bring up whether wood should be painted or not, and each person has a different (and sometimes, quite passionate) opinion.  But the bottom line is, that decision is held in the hands of the owner.  

Here are a few tips to help you decide, or even ease your guilt (if needed) to paint your furniture.

1.  Most of us do not possess truly “antique” furniture that would lose it’s value if painted.  If you suspect you might, have it appraised.  Otherwise, finishes that really ‘date’ a piece are free game to be painted.

2.  As retailers of paint, we all hear often how someone has Grandma’s dresser but it is hidden in the basement because it’s not the current owner’s style and they just don’t like it despite the guilt of hiding it away.  We say, pull it out, paint it what color you want, make it your style and make Grandma proud that you have renewed a piece and brought it back to life!

3.  If the finish is scratched, the piece needs repair or has lost parts, re-imagine it into something useful.  Paint can hide sins of the past on furniture and create a new masterpiece for forgotten items.  Many pieces have been rescued from the land fill this way, so you are actually saving the earth by painting it!

4.  Some wood is beautiful and amazing, and some is not.  Paint can revive a piece by covering a horrible finish from a previous era, and allow you to see the beautiful lines of craftsmanship that might be there.

5.  Finally, if you have a piece you are dying to re-do, just DO IT!  We promise, Grandma won’t actually roll over in her grave.  You may just be creating an heirloom that can be handed down to another generation and loved even longer!

Here are some cool pieces that have been re-imagined and given a new life.

Simply Beautiful Spaces had this dresser that had seen better days.  The finish was scratched and it needed a new life.



Now take a look!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Transformed with Sackcloth, Amber Waves of Grain and Smoke Signal, the piece is now a show stopper!  This piece had many issues while being painted.  Check back next week for the full story on it’s transformation.



This credenza came from Grandpa, but just needed to be loved again.



Upcycled Vintage Charm painted it in Nana’s Cupboard over National Forest, with a wax finish of Clear and Dark Wax.  Now it is center stage and seen everyday!



Rustic Touch repurposed this headboard into a bench.  With a mix of old and new woods to construct this, it needed to be painted to come alive.



With a group of many APC colors, including Leather Boots, Fireworks Red, Home Plate and others, the piece is transformed for a new use.



Pieces saw future beauty for a piece that was a little dated in finish and details.



Transformed with new shelving, glass and doors removed and painted in Rushmore and Home Plate, the cabinet is once again a stunner!



The 70’s called and want their cabinet back.  Of course they do, wait until you see it now!



4 Quarters Timeless Vintage  made it a stunner again using Cannonball, Sackcloth and Dark Wax.



So next time you see that hideous piece sitting on the side of the road,

in Grandma’s basement or at a sale, know that you can make it fabulous once again.

Give it new life easily and quickly using the best all natural, safe to use, chalk and clay paint on the market!

What ugly duckling can you make into a swan?  The paint is waiting for you!




  1. All I can say is AWEsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have shopped at “Simply Beautiful Spaces” a few times, and I live in upstate New York! Their staff does remarkable work and have always encouraged me to use APC paints, and I have loved the outcome!

  3. Astrida Molenaar says

    My husband and I are in the market for a new(re-purposed) dresser. If we found one we like do you offer the paint services?

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Many of our retailers offer paint services. Check on the website under ‘Find a Retailer’ tab for retailers in your area and check with them about the services thy offer.

  4. You have inspired me to paint my china cabinet. Looks like great paint!

  5. Cindy Lawrimore says

    I hope this doesn’t sound like some type of psycho-babble, but I do think furniture speaks to what it needs (or doesn’t need). When you look at a piece that has pristine wood that resonates with beauty and being timeless – leave it be. Also, if you get a rare wood grain (like Tiger Oak) you might want to leave it be.
    But… When you get that piece that says, “I need a make over” then go for it!!!!
    I can honestly say that I’ve never been sorry that I painted something.
    I can’t wait to finish my current project and start another one. There are so many beautiful colors just waiting to land themselves on just the right piece of furniture. I also love the option of painting part of a piece but leaving a portion un-painted. Happy painting.

  6. Maria Hull says

    Such wonderful inspiration!

  7. Helene Towsley says

    Can I paint metal,leather,tin etc?

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