Makeover Monday – Building a Table

After searching high and low for the perfect work table for my garage, I gave up and decided it was time to build it myself.   My garage is packed with cool tools and saws that my dad has stocked up with for when he visits.  Well, fears of missing fingers and just plain messing up the design, left my visions of building anything a distant thought.  After many months of digging through Craigslist with no luck in finding the perfect bench, I decided the time had come for me to fire up the saw and just build it.
I wanted to create the perfect workbench that was the right height, length and was on casters.  I checked out and found plans to build an island.   It went together in a snap so I decided to add detail into the side using a stencil and some plaster.
Most importantly, I was ready to customize with American Paint Company Products!
 This is how the finishing began.
I love to pair similar colors for a two tone effect.  Surfboard and Beach glass were the perfect fit.  IMG_0019
Step 1:
I painted the entire piece with Surfboard and let dry for 3 hours.
Step 2:
After my first coat had completely dried, I gave the entire piece a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper to level out any brush strokes.
Step 3:
Then I painted over Surfboard with a heavy coat of Beach Glass.
I was happy to find that I only needed one coat of each color and “Voila”, awesome coverage!
I let the paint dry overnight before the distressing fun began!
Tip: Use a good quality brush to reduce brush strokes.
Step 4:
I wanted a little of the Surfboard (the first coat of paint) to come through so I sanded in random areas with a sanding block. Picture 9 
TIP: Allowing the piece to dry overnight let the colors really cure so that each one would stand on their own when distressing.
Step 5:
Next, it was time to seal my piece.  I wiped off all the sanding dust.
The Top Coat is amazing and so easy to use!
The best part is there are no harmful odors like the typical sealers.
I poured a little Top Coat into a bowl and got to work.
I like to use a sponge brush when I apply Top Coat.
The sponge brush gives a nice even finish.
Don’t you just love the Surfboard peaking through the Beach Glass?IMG_0028
Step 6:
Once the Top Coat had dried for a few hours,  I buffed the entire piece with a crumpled up paper sack. IMG_0035
Overall I am pretty happy with how this turned out.
I ended up with a 10 foot long work station that I can use for big projects that need room to spread out.
I love the beachy feel of this table!IMG_0045
Post courtesy of Monica White


  1. Karen Geil says

    Good a.m.!! I love chalk and clay paint!!!! I like what I’ve read and seen on your site. I would like more info and like to know if there is a retailer in northwest Ohio????

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Check the website under the ‘Find a Retailer’ tab to see if there is one near you. Only a zip code is required.

  2. Love this Monica!

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