Monday Makeover Inspiration!

Monday Makeover Inspiration!

You can use American Paint Company paint and finishing products for more than just painting furniture!

Sassy Frass customer painting all APC products!

An APC customer painted this beautiful picture using all American Paint Company products!

We love seeing what you can create with American Paint Company products!

Figgy Paint

Coffee table

This intriguing coffee table was embossed using an embossing roller and texture medium, it was painted using Leather Boots, Shingle on a Roof and Pewter Mica was added in thin layers and it was finished with Black Glaze and three thin applications of Hard Coat by Figgy Paint!

Salvaged decor Cameo base 1

Salvaged decor Cameo base

This adorable piece was custom painted by Salvaged Decor for a client.  The base was painted with Cameo, Crushed Tea, and a custom mixed glaze.  The top is painted using Leather Boots and a black glaze.

Larkspur Interiors buffet

This beautiful buffet was painted by Larkspur Interiors using Shag Carpet from the American Home Collection and isn’t she beautiful!

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