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Ombre Dresser

Ombre Dresser

Here is a great idea from The Paint Locker. Thank you for sharing this wonderful dresser.

This is a fun way to take any ugly piece and have some fun with it.

The bottom drawer is straight Nana’s cupboard, with two tablespoons of Navajo white added after painting each drawer. The body of the dresser is Navajo white.


  1. Jennifer says

    Do you start with a new straight color each time? Or do you just keep adding 2 more tablespoons each time you do another drawer? For example if you had four drawers would you do drawer 4 straight color, drawer 3 straight color with 2 tbls of white, drawers 2 straight color and 4 tbls white and drawer 1 straight color and six tbls white. I hope this makes sense



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