Paint is your friend!

Decorating is exciting!

Ask anyone who’s decorated or designed a space and they will tell you, it’s expensive, its time consuming and sometimes it’s downright confusing and difficult.

What to do, when you find you’ve bought that “had to have it” piece and it’s the wrong color & doesn’t work in your space?

Should you put it in a corner and pretend it works, give it away or stick it in a closet and hope for the best?

You’ve always loved turquoise and peacock blue, and you’ve had your eye on a beautiful deep blue velvet Rocco style sofa for your home. You love it and you want it!  And you know your son and his kindergarten aged friends, along your twin toddlers are going to be, jumping, rolling and bouncing on it too.  Your heart yearns for blue velvet and your home needs beautiful, durable and practical furnishings.

How do you satisfy both of these needs?

Paint! Paint! Paint!

Remember paint is your friend!

You can paint the “I had to have it” piece to fit your current color scheme, or you can paint inexpensive end tables in bold peacock blue to give them a sense of the peacock blue velvet sofa.

Paint easily creates new life and drama. You can quickly and easily add a pop of color, change, update or repurpose funky time worn décor.  Paint makes us happy!

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

An example of painting a piece that is less than perfect and making it wonderful is, Nika Hipsher, owner of UNika Custom Creations, LLC , Middletown, DE.  She painted this sweet sofa table in ‪AmericanPaintCompanyPeacock & Cannonball, glazed and finished it with Top Coat.

This re-loved piece with two drawers for storage & matching faux cast iron accent pulls would be useful as a sofa table, entertainment center or entry hall table for any home, beach house or business.

Farm girls

Farm Girls

Michelle and Jennifer used paint to update a less than exciting bench and matching seat.  

The upholstered fabric seat is painted with APC Beach Glass.   Stripes were painted in Lace Doily and arrows were painted using, Born on the 4th of July.  

They finished the painted seat using clear wax from American Paint Company.  The first layer of paint on the frame was painted with Lace Doily and a second coat of Voyage was painted over top.  The bench surround and seat frame were finished with Top Coat.  We think its beautiful!

The Vintage Market

The Vintage Market 3

The Vintage Market 1

The Vintage Market – Detail

The Vintage Market 2

The Vintage Market

Smoke Signal, Freedom Road and Navajo White, Finished with clear wax

Paint transforms an old worn dresser into a stunning beauty!  Don and Amy used Smoke Signal for the exterior of their dresser, Freedom Road was painted on drawer fronts and Navajo White was used to highlight raised areas of the appliqué on the front of the dresser.  An unexpected happy accident was discovered after painting the raised details on the appliquéd motif, as they realized a lion’s face had appeared!  We think it’s perfectly wonderful!

We encourage you to paint those awkward out of place pieces and breath new life into your home, one color at a time!

All photos courtesy of American Paint Company retailers

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