Painted Furniture – A Coffee Table with Storage

Michelle and I drive the same route daily and we both drove past a yard sale but didn’t have time to stop. As most of you know, when you see a large sale on the side of the road and you can’t stop, it’s usually a neck snapping moment as the opportunity passes and you become obsessed with might be there.  When I drove past later in the day, I was bummed to see that the sale was closed up.  However, when I got to our studio, I found Michelle there jumping up and down and squealing with excitement saying, “wait til you see what I scored today!!” Yep, she found time to get back to the sale before they closed and scooped up several tables, chairs, end tables and this fabulous coffee table for just a few bucks each.




We couldnt wait to get started painting it!

Because the piece was in excellent condition, there was no prep, just a quick wipe down. We then applied a base coat of American Paint Company’s Lincoln’s Hat both inside and out. Next, we did some dry brushing with Beach Glass and then followed that up with a layer of Wild Horses. A little wet distressing and it was looking good.


We brushed on the paint in a consistent manner because we wanted the finish to be on the smoother side and not have a lot of brush strokes, so we brushed the paint on, followed by a misting of water and another light brushing through the paint again before it could dry. Once the paint was dry we started to apply the clear wax. It was looking like it needed something, sooooo we stopped,  gave the top a quick light sand to remove the wax and painted another base coat of Lincoln’s Hat. This time we applied the Wild Horses before the dry brush of Beach Glass and we liked it much better, so we finished the piece with just APC’s Clear Wax.


APC paint has made our job so much easier to jump in and get started because there is so little prep work needed most of the time. The clean up is just minutes and we can work just about anywhere with no nasty toxic fumes. Our studio is still under construction and the weather here in Wisconsin is getting chilly so we brought this piece into Michelle’s kitchen, placed it up on her island and painted away!

We hope someone looking for a cool funky table with lots of storage will give this piece a new home!


Post courtesy of Tiffany and Michelle


  1. Very cool piece, and I love hearing your process. I often use a wet brush with a thin top coat of paint, but I like the idea of the spritz of water and smoothing the stroke out to flatten the paint. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Sally Dean says

    Happened to be browsing early this a.m. and happened upon this coffee table; it’s different and I like what ya’ll did to bring it to fruition; uncertain if the piece is for sale and, if so, would need dimensions as the room I would need the piece for is somewhat small; hope to hear back from you soon.



    • mm American Paint Company says

      You would need to click on the link for the retailer who painted it (it is provided within the post) to find out if it is still available.

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