Painted Furniture – Hand Carved Cabinet

I found this beautiful hand carved cabinet on the internet.


Don’t you just love the detail?

When I bought it, the lady said the inside shelf had always been missing.  I brought it back to my store, and heard a loud bang when setting it down.  When we opened up the doors, there was the shelf in place!  It had wedged itself against the very back and been hidden all these years.  It was in pretty rough shape especially the top.

I painted it with American Paint Company Desert Cactus mixed with Home Plate.

photo (1)

I lightly sanded the paint and applied Top Coat on the entire piece.  Then, to highlight the detailed sections, I mixed a metallic in with the Top Coat for just those areas.

. photo (2)

I let everything dry for a day then it was clear waxed and buffed.

photo (3)

I think it turned out pretty cool, what do you think?
Post courtesy of Annie


  1. Karen Holleman says

    THis is a lovely piece and you did an amazing job with the color scheme. I’m new to American Paint since having a hard time finding ASCP around here. So far, I’m enjoying the American Paint and happy to see that peoples’ postings include names of paint and technique. Thank you so much. Karen

  2. This piece is awesome. You did a totally amazing job on a piece that looked like it belonged in the dump. Congratulations!!

  3. love that piece… it is available for sale.. maybe I will stop by this weekend..
    Thank you ,


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