Painted Furniture – The Perfect Display

Waiting for me at the auction was this little gem.  Handcrafted and a little rough around the edges, I knew with minor repair and a little color, it was the perfect size for the new APC paint display.


I initially started refurbishing/refinishing furniture about 8 years ago while employed at a friend’s cabinet shop sanding, staining, finishing and helping install cabinets. My employer had always sprayed the wood projects and never used a paintbrush.

Beach Glass is by far my most requested color, I wanted to paint the cabinet Beach Glass over Wild Horses.

BEACH GLASS: A Perfect Blue Green

Once I had a good even coat of APC paint on the hutch I applied a layer of Top Coat.  Next, using a paintbrush, I applied a glaze over the paint.  When working on a large piece, I always apply in sections.  If glaze starts to dry before I have time to wipe it off, I can apply another layer again and it will remove the dried glaze. Using a T-Shirt material rag, I removed the excess glaze, always wiping in the same direction.  Depending on the piece, I leave as much or as little as needed.


I allowed the glaze to dry and applied another layer of Top Coat.


 Here is the finished product displaying our paint .



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  1. Patti Harper says

    GM. To start I am enjoying your paint chalk but have some struggles along the way. I was an Annie girl till Finders to Keepers in Wheatly started to supply the paint. Luv the wax….Am enjoying doing different peices along the way and Michelle has been a great support with any questions and has helped me tremendously.
    I look so forward to your Facebook projects and look at everyone. Today I kept reading about glaze???? Not sure what that is and checked out your products and could not find it! Can u please help me with this item and what it is used for????? Once again keep up the good work and I will continue to use your product and am sure the problems I am having r just beginners luck. Have a great day and thx again….Patti Harper

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