Painting a Brick Fireplace – From Drab to Fab

One of our customers, Michelle, really wanted a big change in her living room and knew it needed to start here at our shop!  She made a visit to Wirthy Treasures to select the perfect paint color from American Paint Company’s wide array of hues.  

She was looking for a more natural paint finish that latex does not provide.

Because she really wanted to cover the dark brick, I advised it’d be best to prime the brick prior to painting with American Paint Company’s chalk and clay paint in the color called Sackcloth.


Priming is not necessary for most projects, but this would allow her to use less paint.  We discussed the application process and away she went!  A few short days later, she provided these awesome pictures.

Nice transformation Michelle!  Also, this was Michelle’s first experience with our chalk and clay paint product.

She loves the American Paint Company products and is a repeat customer!

Before the transformation

If you would like to transform your brick surround, here’s a quick step by step that will help you with your process.

Step 1.  

Begin by cleaning your brick.  This can be done with a dry brush, to wipe away dust.  If you have any soot stains, scrub the brick clean with APC’s ALL- Natural Surface Prep & Brush Cleaner and a heavy scrub brush.  Allow to dry.


Step 2.  

If needed, tape off the area around the brick and cover mantle with butcher paper to protect from spills.

Step 3.

Prime the brick, if desired, using a stain blocking primer.  Allow to dry.


Step 4.  

Decide if you will paint the entire wall, brick and mortar, or just the face of the brick.  Painting can be done with a small foam roller for the brick face, or a larger one if desired to cover the whole space.  Keep a thick brush on hand to help work the paint into any cracks and crevices.  Allow to dry.

American Paint Company’s chalk and clay paint dries quickly and is safe to use indoors!


Step 5.  

Restyle your new mantle and step back and admire your work!

Post courtesy of Deb


  1. what finish was put over the painted bricks to protect it?

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