Painting and Distressing Furniture – American Paint Company Style

I am LOVING the American Paint Company colors! I have been working on a few pieces and wanted to share two of them with you. First up, Dollar Bill with Dark Vintage Antiquing Wax. This little piece was pretty rough and this picture was taken AFTER a few clean up steps.photo_edited-1
The top was veneer and had a few areas peeled off so first I tried to sand and stain. Then I added some stain with a poly coating in it and I did not like the results at all. So I decided to just paint over the stain and polyurethane, figured it would be a good test for the paint. I knew going into this project I wanted to also use American Paint Company’s Vintage Antiquing Wax, I really needed to get more comfortable with it.IMG_1543_edited-1
Gotta tell you, I love this stuff! I was a bit worried at first as it is a different consistency than I am used to, and when it goes on it looks a bit different, but as I worked it in with my wax brush I LOVED the way the paint and wood and wax became one!! That is the only way I can explain it. They look as if they have been aging like this for years, check this out, I enlarged the first photo so you could see the detail.IMG_1495_edited-1IMG_1491IMG_1507_edited-2
Plus, not having to apply clear wax prior to using this darker wax makes me feel more in control when I apply. Not having to wonder, did I put clear wax here, and here or here?? In the picture below I did not wax the right inside leg so you could see the color difference once the antiquing wax was applied. I love this color with or without wax.IMG_1512_edited-1
The antiquing wax just adds a subtle vintage look to the paint that does not look forced.IMG_1492_edited-1
Next I decided to try out Beach Glass (a shade of blue) over Wild Horses (a rich brown tone). These two look PERFECT together! I just wet distressed where I wanted the brown to show through, in areas where natural distressing would take place.IMG_1521_edited-1IMG_1518IMG_1519
To get the look above I just burnished (rubbed with a clean, cotton cloth) the paint, look at the results! That is what I love about this paint, the clay in the paint adds so many different benefits, like shine in this piece for example.

I decided to paint the seat in a great yellow tone, Amber Waves of Grain, and LOVED the combination!! Jotted that down in my note book. I hope all of you keep notes of what colors really compliment each other as you work on your projects. It helps me when I am undecided on which route to take on a piece, or if you paint for clients, it helps with suggesting color schemes for pieces.IMG_1529_edited-1
I am having so much fun, I feel like my paint sensors are on overload again with all these new colors, techniques, applications! Here are a few more pics and then I am off to try some more colors, and by the way how cool is that old door I picked up at a farm auction that I am using as a backdrop?!! Look at it, in all of it’s chippy-ness (is that a word?) glory!!IMG_1536

IMG_1532_edited-1Post courtesy of Chris Hardine from Midwest Cottage and Finds


  1. I love all of these but am really drawn to the little table you gave new life too! Well done.

  2. I love it all. Especially remembering my Grandfather. You have given me a wealth of information. Thank you so much!

  3. I am making a blue dresser for a baby’s room. I was sanding the dresser and all these colors started coming up. I had the original black green plus orange, red, yellow and blue. I really liked the look. I’m going to try this on something small and see what happens. Love your colorful dresser.

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